Humor in Our Lives or Lifes

We can feel the “humor” in our everyday lives, irrespective of our age or gender. We all respond to this feeling of sudden amusement or laughter which has a tendency to change our thoughts and behavior for an instance.

We can have this amazing feeling through coming across anything- like reading a comic book, listening to a joke, having a conversation, and even in our responses. Humour is there in everything we come across in our day-to-day activities.

There are many theories given regarding ‘humor’ in psychology and sociology. And the most popular one of them is “Benign Violation Theory”, this theory was given in the late ’90s by a theorist named Thomas Veatch.

According to this theory, we can experience the feeling of humor when we are stimulated violently but also harmlessly at the same time, i.e. there must be coordination between the violation and benign simultaneously in order to feel the humor in our minds.

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The best example to explain this phenomenon is “tickling”. When someone tickles us, we feel a violent stimulation of one’s fingers on our body, but at the same time we are also aware that this stimulation is completely harmless for our body. In this situation, our brain receives both of the signals, that is, about getting attacked but also in a harmless or playful manner.

Humor in Our Lives

This can create a feeling of humor in our minds and make us laugh at the very instant in time. This theory explains “humor” very well and it’s very easy for the psychologists and also common people to understand the basic fundamental concept behind the occurrence of humor.

Later on many psychological types of research were being conducted on this topic. And it was found out that humor is not just a feeling, but it is a quality in something which has a tendency to bring a sudden amusement or laughter to us. 

This psychological phenomenon helps authors and writers to create such interesting movies and comic books, which can make it’s readers stay tuned and excited about ‘what will come next’ even after the end.

Some medical experts also say that humor plays a very vital role in keeping us “healthy” in life. It is not only important for our physical but also psychological well-being.

Humour can relax our brains in any stressful or hard situations. It works as the best cure for anxiety and stress. Humor makes us happy and excited, which can brighten up our day as well as also of those around us.

Not only this but humor also helps us in the aging process. The more humor in your life, the younger and fresh you look.

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