Import Excel Contacts to Google Sheets by the Best Way to Do It!

This is the period of digitization therefore, digital communication and organization is being incorporated by everyone in their daily lives as this is an efficient way that helps improve the workflow as well. Whether you’re a business professional or someone who is looking for a way to streamline their way of managing connections after the procedure to import Excel contacts to Google Sheets, the ability to import your contacts hassle-free is a game changer.

In our era where everything is data-driven, MS Excel has long been a trusted ally for storing and organizing information. However, if we integrate cloud-based tools then, Google Sheets is probably the best there is!

So, in this blog we will be looking at the best way to import contacts to Google Sheets from Excel. Before we dive deep into the topic, let us understand the need to do this.

What are the Reasons to Import Contacts from Excel to Google Sheets?

  • Organization & Sorting: Google Sheets have very effective filtration and sorting attributes, that enables the users to better sort and organize the user data.
  • Google Ecosystem Integration: Google Sheets allows its users to integrate other Google services such as Calendar and Docs to itself, which can make the whole process to import Excel contacts to Google Sheets very efficient and feature-rich.
  • Duplicate Entry Correction: Sheets and identify any duplicate entry that is there in the database and effectively remove it, this makes it a lot easier to manage and organize the dataset.
  • Data Analysis and Insights: This service by Google has functionalities such as charting and pivot tables that helps the user gain insights into their contact data.
  • Team Collaboration: When there is any team project to carry out, the Google Spreadsheets has this feature through which, the owner of the sheet can allow the sheet link to be accessed by any one they want.

Recommended Tool to Import Excel Contacts to Google Sheets

RecoveryTools Excel to CSV Converter is an exceptional tool that lets its users convert their Excel format file into CSV format and that too in a very hassle-free manner. This tool makes it very easy to import contacts to Google Sheets. Let us understand this tool’s capability with some features of this tool in the upcoming section.

Features of the Tool

  • Convert All Excel Formats: This tool is capable of converting all the formats of Excel such as XLS, XLSX or CSV.
  • Batch Conversion: With this tool, the user can convert their Excel file in bulk simultaneously.
  • Safe & Secure Conversion: All the data that this software converts, comes and remains in the user’s local system only making this tool 100% Safe and Secure to be utilized.
  • Window Platform Compatibility: This offline software is compatible with all the versions of Windows which makes this a very versatile tool to work with.
  • Maintained Accuracy: During the conversion of the Excel tool with this software, the data accuracy is well maintained which makes this a very reliable tool.
  • Steps to Import Excel Contacts to Google Sheets

The steps to this whole process is carried out in two phases:
Phase 1 – Converting Excel file into CSV format
Phase 2 – Importing CSV format file to Google Sheets

Convert Excel to CSV file format

  1. Download and Install the Tool.
  2. On the top left corner, click on the button to ‘add excel files’.
  3. Navigate the file and hit the “open” button.
  4. Choose your file saving location from the option “Output folder location”.
  5. Check-mark the “Create Single CSV file for all sheets”, if you want.
  6. Hit the “Convert” button.
  7. After the completion of the conversion process, you’ll get a pop-up message regarding the same, hit “OK”.

This was the first step in the process to import contacts to Google Sheets.

Import Contacts from Excel to Google Sheets

  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Open the Google Sheets by going on the 9-Dots option.
  3. On the left-corner, click on the “File” option.
  4. Hit on the “Import” button.
  5. Now go to the “upload” option.
  6. Browse your CSV file and hit “Open”.
  7. Now finally, hit on the “import data” option to import the Excel data to Google Sheets.

Benefits of using this Tool to Import Contacts to Google Sheets from Excel

  • User Data Privacy: This converter software strives to protect the data privacy of the users. During the conversion process, no data information is saved in the tool’s database. This helps in protecting the user’s privacy.
  • Data Integrity: This tool provides the original, accurate and complete output, preserving the data integrity of the users, during the process to import Excel contacts to Google Sheets..
  • No Software Dependency: To perform this conversion the user does not need to uninstall the MS Excel software, this software can accomplish the task just fine, without any outside software.
  • Technical Support: This offline tool, provides 24*7 technical support to its users. So that any difficulty faced by the user can be resolved then & there.

Note – This tremendous tool is specifically built to import contacts from Excel to Google Sheets. The free version of this software provides 10 conversions to its users at no cost, and after the user is satisfied, they can buy the full version of this tool and get limitless access to all the features of this amazing tool.
If you want to import your Excel contacts to Google Mail then, you can look at yet another very great tool, which is RecoveryTools Excel to vCard Converter.

Summing It Up!

That’s all folks! Through this technical blog we tried to provide you with insights on the process to import Excel contacts to Google Sheets. We hope we could solve your query and add something useful in your life. The recommended converter tool is a very special tool and already is being used by the industry leaders. We would encourage you to go with this offline software and make your process to import contacts to Google Sheets from Excel a whole lot easier.

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