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Importance of Choosing the Right Career after Graduation

Choosing a career after graduation is one of the most important decisions you make in life. It is all about much more than deciding what you will do to make a better living. To start with, it is important to think about the amount of time you spend at work. According to surveys, we spend approximately 71% of every year on the job. Over the lifetimes, it comes to roughly 31 years out of the 45 years most of us spend working right from the beginning to retirement. Hence, it is highly important to select a career with which we are happy and satisfied.

While some students are lucky enough to know what they want to do in their career without giving it much thought, others are not. Many students do not put enough effort into choosing the right occupation, and they end up choosing the wrong career. The best way to ensure that does not happen to you is to make a thoughtful decision. When it comes to career planning, simply follow the below steps:

  • Know yourself: Know your skills, likes/dislikes, and values
  • Find out: Explore what is out there
  • Make decisions: Compare several options related to your interest areas
  • Take action: Work towards your goals and objectives

Career planning is an important process that can help you make the right career decision. If you have completed your career and you are looking for the right career after graduation, then choosing HCL TSS is the best career decision. HCL is now offering HCL TSS training and hiring programs for engineering graduates, science graduates, and postgraduates to start their careers. Students who want to kick-start their careers and become financially independent can choose HCL TSS programs.

To meet your career needs and desires, these programs are designed. They help you get an assured job and earn a good amount of stipend. They also help you understand the business world and how to deal with real-time business challenges. These training programs make you job ready and help you grow your business skills, technical skills, communication skills, and much more.

There are countless benefits of selecting these programs. One of the best ones is that you will get an assured job at HCL. Besides, you will also get health insurance, medical benefits, comprehensive employee benefits program, best-in-class training, and several opportunities for learning and development in the form of certifications. In addition, HCL TSS offers industry-oriented programs that help students become job-ready. They also train candidates on industry-specific skill areas that are highly in demand by the IT Industry. HCL TSS training programs include technical training with the aim to prepare you for the opportunities in infrastructure and software domains of HCL.

Talking about the HCL TSS training and hiring program, it is a 6 months program that is divided into 3 months of classroom training and 3 months of professional practice term where will work on live global projects in HCL Technologies’ office at HCL campus. Once you complete your training program, you will get an opportunity to start your career with HCL in Application Development, Testing, Maintenance, Product Development, Support roles spanning across business units, including Banking, Infrastructure Management, Finance, Healthcare, and Engineering Services.

Sounds interesting? Simply visit the official website of HCL TSS and collect more details about the training program and fee structure. Enroll yourself today and accelerate your career in no time. Good Luck!

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