Importance of Yoga in Daily Life

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Importance of Yoga in Daily Life

Yoga is a very old heritage in our society. As long as we continue adopting yoga in our life, we will keep away from depression, anxiety, obesity, many such diseases, etc. The importance of yoga in our lives has never been exhausted.

Today Yoga is being practiced all over the world. Whenever we want to write about yoga, we write the importance of yoga in a different range of words and it is said that yoga originated in Hinduism anyway.

Basically yoga is not only a form of exercise. Rather, health is the ancient wisdom of living in a happy and peaceful way. If we practice yoga regularly then positive changes will be possible in the body, which will strengthen our body muscles, increase flexibility, patience, and good health.

Yoga Importance

In particular, yoga creates mental clarity and peace in our body, which relaxes our mind, some diseases that are common in our lifestyles today. Yoga helps us to get rid of them too. Every year in the world, 21st June is celebrated as World Yoga Day. In 2014, the United Nations announced the celebration of World Yoga Day. Appreciating the importance of yoga, it was announced by the Indian Prime Minister of India, the Honorable Narendra Modi, to celebrate June 21 as International Yoga Day in the year 2015.

Because this announcement was made to make yoga aware and encourage people to do yoga regularly. Now, on the occasion of World Yoga Day, Yoga camps should be organized in all cities, villages, towns. Has been, and every effort is being made to make people aware of the goodness of yoga.

International Yoga Day has great importance in every person’s life today. At the same time, the popularity of yoga has increased globally in everyone’s mind with the benefits of yoga. Today there are millions of people who through yoga have proved to be helpful in removing many diseases in their body. At the same time, according to a survey, more than 2 billion people in the world are doing yoga every day and getting healthy.

Yoga means “tying unity” It has become prevalent in many countries of the world. In fact, the word yoga originated from the use of the Sanskrit word because use means connectivity, connectivity, solidarity. Yoga is 5000 years old Indian philosophy. Because yoga is also mentioned in the Rigveda, yoga is specifically described in Vedic texts.

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In particular, if we see the importance of yoga in our daily life, yoga is classified into four parts.

  • Karma yoga
  • Gyana Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Kriya Yoga

Yoga brings many changes in our lives like:

  • Satisfaction
  • prosperity
  • Positivity
  • Happiness

Knowing the glory and importance of yoga, it has been adopted on a large scale for a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is not an ancient myth. It is the most valuable heritage of the present. This is the need of today and tomorrow’s culture – Swami Vivekananda. If you want to learn more about yoga and meditation you can visit Yogtravel and choose a perfect yoga course for yourself and start walking on the path to salvation.

Benefits of Yoga

  1. Yoga strengthens our internal organs.
  2. It has proved to be helpful in treating all heart-related problems.
  3. Yoga promotes stamina and strength in our body.
  4. It provides better stimulation in the body.
  5. Yoga maintains concentration in the body.
  6. It works to reduce both stress and weight in the body.
  7. Yoga helps us in relaxation of muscles and blood circulation.
  8. It helps control the mind’s thoughts.

Yoga Asanas

There are different asanas of yoga in which all asanas have their own different importance. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has described many asanas of yoga, out of which 84 asanas are important, but the most commonly performed asanas are as follows.

There are many yoga asanas which provide different benefits for mind and body, some of the important yoga asanas are:

  • Mayurasana 
  • Padmasana 
  • Dhanurasana 
  • Parvatasana 
  • Bhujangasana 
  • Shalbhasana 
  • Konasana 
  • Swargasana 
  • Gomukhasana 
  • Sihasan 
  • Vajrasana 
  • Garudasana 
  • Matsyasana 
  • Paschimottanasan 
  • Halasana
  • Chatushkonasana
  • Swastikasana
  • Trikonasana 
  • Shavasana 
  • Shikhasana 
  • Tadasana

Rules for practising yoga

  • Yoga should be done in the morning after sunrise and before sunset.
  • Yoga should always be done on an empty stomach.
  • Nothing should be eaten immediately after doing yoga, but something should be consumed only after half an hour.
  • Yoga should be done only after the advice of a yoga guru or after consulting a specialist.
  • It is very important to practice before doing yoga and while doing yoga it is necessary to be under the supervision of the perfection yoga guru.
  • Initially, when starting yoga, one should never use hard asanas or exercises but should do yoga slowly and keeping in mind the body parts according to capacity.
  • While doing yoga, yoga should be done only by wearing loose, comfortable, and cotton clothes.
  • Always keep in mind that yoga should always be done on the ground by laying a mat or thick furrow and not on the bed.
  • We should keep practicing slowly, not desiring quick results from yoga, one day we get results of yoga.


Thus it can be said that yoga is a miracle. And if done, it will guide your whole life. By doing 20 to 1800 seconds daily, yoga can change a life forever by providing a balance between spiritual, physical, and mental health. If you want to become a certified yoga teacher then you can check out 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and start your new career.

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