Improve Your Eco-Friendly Boxes in 6 Best ways

Environmental contamination has to become the utmost issue around the globe. 91% of plastic is not recyclable. People are getting aware of this problem, and everyone is doing their part to save nature. In the past, not many people were aware of this issue. But as time is passing, the government is trying to take notice of this matter and is trying to implement some solutions.

There are 5.23 million macro pieces of plastic in our oceans. Every day around 8 million bits of plastic make their way to oceans. And we are only talking about plastic. There is much more unfriendly material that is out in the market, and they are getting used for packaging purposes.

As the government is taking strict steps and people are also getting aware of the contamination. Now, if you want to increase sales of your products, then use eco friendly boxes wholesale. Many retailers are already using climate-friendly packaging cases, but most of them are facing a common dilemma. And that is, how to improve one’s eco-friendly packaging boxes?

Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want to use the best climate-friendly packaging boxes? Do you want to take part in saving nature? Do you want to set a positive image of your company?

If you want to give the most high-grade look to your climate-friendly boxes, then this article is just for you. Follow these simple steps to get an extraordinary appearance for your climate-friendly packaging boxes.

Eco Friendly Boxes
Eco Friendly Boxes

1) Use Eco-Friendly Material for the Manufacturing of Packaging Boxes:

The material that you are getting used to the manufacturing of packaging boxes should be climate-friendly. Your packaging boxes should be recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. Use bioplastic, they are getting manufactured from a natural material, and they can be recycled easily.

You can also use biodegradable plastic. This plastic is eco-friendly, and it breaks down effortlessly. But the regular plastic takes thousands of years to break down. Use the already used plastic and recycle the plastic and use it again and again rather than making new plastic.

Biodegradable plastic can decompose effortlessly as compared to the plastic that is not climate-friendly. Mostly plastic takes 500 to 1000 years to decompose, and it is safe to say that the decomposition depends on the nature of plastic.

Bubble wraps that we use for the protection of our products do not decompose in a straight forward manner, but they can be recycled again and again. Instead of bubble wraps, you can use corrugated bubble wraps or air pillows that can protect your product. But note that the material that is getting used instead of bubble wraps should be 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Cardboard boxes are 80% eco-friendly. But the remaining 20% can hit the climate quite massively. So, try to use the climate-friendly packaging boxes that are 100% recyclable and also biodegradable.

Most people have preferred to use eco-friendly cases so that they can be getting used again or another purpose. Therefore use eco-friendly packaging cases to overcome environmental contamination and also expand the marketing in your company.

2) Use Non-toxic Glue and Material:

The glue that is getting used to bind together the packaging boxes should not be toxic. Many companies have been using harmful chemicals to increase the lifespan of their packaging boxes. And these chemicals prevent the packaging boxes from decomposing.

This act should be cut-off permanently. Because if this keeps going, then the earth would be filled with plastic bags. Many companies have taken their step in preserving nature. Ecological is a Canadian company that came up with a brilliant idea to get rid of plastic. Their product packaging is getting made with newspaper and cardboard. And they both are climate-friendly material.

Marian Obando came up with the idea that would reduce plastic consumption around the globe. He introduced the egg cartons that are getting manufactured from the newspaper.

If you don’t think that this was a big step, then have a look at this. Only in 2019 consumption of eggs per person was estimated at 289.5. Now, imagine yourself how much plastic would have been getting used for only delivering the eggs around the whole world. That’s why make sure to use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes for your business.

3) Lessen the Size of your Packaging Cartons:

You must have bought something from the online store, and the size of your package must be immense. A larger cardboard box is getting used to deliver a smaller product. Try to use cardboard boxes that are suitable for your merchandise size and dimension.

If you are using larger cardboard Packaging boxes, that is the waster of the material. And it does not transmit a positive impression on the customers. Use average size boxes and leave a better impression of your brand for the buyers.

4) Turn your Ordinary Packaging Boxes into Plantable Packaging Boxes:

While making your packaging boxes all unique and charming for the customer, don’t forget about nature. Wouldn’t it be better if you could plant a tree with every package you deliver? Just imagine how awesome it would be and how much your customers will be impressed.

Well, you can do this. You can plant a tree with every package you deliver to your customers. It is not like these packaging boxes are 100% biodegradable, but these boxes contain seeds. These boxes can get buried to earth and can slowly decompose as the flowers or any plant starts growing.

These types of custom eco-friendly boxes are not only best for nature, but they can also increase your sales and can create a help-center positive image of your company.

5) Make the Branding of your Climate-Friendly Boxes Unforgettable:

There are two steps to impress customers. The first step is to make your packaging boxes recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. The second step is to make your branding unique and notable.

Branding plays the most vital part of someone’s product sale. If your branding is not good enough, then your product may rest on that shelf for a longer time than expected.

Get a unique logo of your company and print it on your packaging boxes but only use non-toxic glue and ink to minimize the environmental contamination.

6) Reusable Packaging:

Make your packaging boxes reusable. Write the instruction on the packaging box on how to store the product. Alongside tell the customer on how to reuse the box again for any other purpose.

Also, tell the customer how to dispose of the packaging box or if the packaging box is plantable, then how to plant it in the soil.

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