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Why Indian Students Choose to go for MBBS in China

  1. Everyone is Hoping that it Gets Resolved Very Soon

There have been various reports which are being published against China currently regarding the Covid-19 and the current border skirmish with the Indian army on the LAC (Line of Actual Control) and everyone is hoping that it gets resolved very soon.

  1. Resulted in Excellent Trade Relations

However, this fact cannot be denied that both India and China have always maintained cordial relations on the border since the 1962 war and which has resulted in excellent trade relations.

  1. Indian Students Choose to go to China

Even many students from India choose to go to China annually for the variety of courses that are offered in the country.

  1. Making a Successful Career after Studying from Chinese University

There have been many notable examples of Indian students completing their education from a Chinese medical university and then making a successful career in India.

  1. High Global Recognition of Degrees from Chinese Universities

Even many students choose to make their careers in other countries after graduating from a Chinese medical university and they can easily do that because of the high global recognition of degrees from Chinese universities.

  1. Famous and Well Known for Infrastructure Facilities

The medical colleges of China are famous and well known for infrastructure facilities along with providing modern and latest types of equipment to the students who are studying in the country which makes it a hot destination for medical studies.

  1. Provide Good Quality and Economical Education

There are many countries in the world which are promising to provide good quality economical education to the students however very few live up to the expectations. Read about Remarketing Strategies too.

  1. Universities are Approved by MCI

The Indian students find the country as one of the best places to study MBBS because of the availability of a number of MCI (Medical Council of India) approved universities in the country.

  1. Easy Availability of Flights between Both the Countries

Also, as the country is near to India the students can find easy availability of flights between both the countries.

  1. Mode of Transportations is Available

Easy mode of transportations is available in the whole country which is why it is easy to go from one place to another whenever a student chooses to go sightseeing.

  1. Show the Level of Respect the Chinese Medical Universities

The awards given to the medical universities of China show the level of respect the Chinese medical universities have gained in the world.

  1. World Annually Apply to Get Admission

Many students from all over the world annually apply to get admission in the universities of China to study MBBS.

  1. Highly Experienced Teachers with Strong Academic Backgrounds

Southeast University (SEU) is famous amongst the Chinese Universities for its focus on the research and development and the availability of the highly experienced teachers with strong academic backgrounds.

  1. Lecture Halls of the Universities

The lecture halls of the universities are huge and have the latest audio-visual technologies installed in these halls for giving the students a great experience of teachings.

  1. Own Laboratory Space

All the subjects of Southeast University (SEU) have their own laboratory space which is not easily available in the majority of the universities.

  1. Pursuing an Internship from Affiliated Hospitals

For pursuing an internship in one of the Southeast University (SEU) affiliated hospitals, the student has to show the Chinese Language certificate which is taught to the students during the course which they learn in the university.

  1. SEU Based on the Banks of Lake Xuanwu

The medical of the SEU (Southeast University) is based on the banks of Lake Xuanwu in Nanjing, China.

  1. The Campus is Beautifully Designed

The campus is beautifully designed and located on a vast campus.

  1. Duration of Medical Program

The medical program of the university is for 6 years duration in which 1 year is dedicated to the internship.

  1. Opt for Completing their Internship

MBBS in China for International students can also opt for completing their internship in their home countries by getting permission from the university and those who wish to complete their internship in China can do that as well.

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