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Innovative & Pocket-friendly Air Ambulance Service in Delhi

During every medical emergency, time seems to be the most valuable thing and is of considerable significance. Several death cases were reported due to the absence of timely treatments. As suggested by the medical experts, golden hour or “the first hour after injury largely determines the chance to survive of a seriously wounded person.” availability to the right treatment during the golden hour mainly increases the patient’s opportunities for survival or faster healing.

India’s capital Delhi is one of the most densely populated subway cities. The city has seen significant growth in several sectors. In recent years, medical and other facilities have improved and to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding population cost-effective air ambulance service has become the need of the hour. Hundreds of families from the various parts of the world frequently feel the need for specialized air ambulance in Delhi. Gone are the times where Air ambulance services were only meant for the rich people nowadays, the pocket-friendly air ambulance service in Delhi has made the services accessible to middle-class people as well? Currently, the air ambulance service in Delhi is quite affordable with Aeromed.

The advanced air ambulance services in Delhi at low cost

Air Ambulance services in Delhi consolidate air services such as aircraft or helicopters with essential emergency medical care to and from the healthcare facilities. Air Ambulance Medical emergency vehicles may not operate as an ambulance regularly but are suitable for emergency airlift patients and remote regions. An air ambulance service in Delhi refers to a helicopter or aircraft with a stretcher, medicines, medical devices, and a well-trained medical team composed of a doctor and a group of assistants.

In case of complicated illnesses where it is difficult to have the expertise medical facilities in a particular city, pocket-friendly air ambulance services play a vital role in saving the lives of patients and providing advanced medical care to patients. Also, in a situation where multiple casualties are involved, many injured patients can be flown simultaneously in an affordable air ambulance. During the first one hour, Golden Hour, most patients with severe trauma or life-threatening injury may die. In this Golden Hour, the Air Ambulance can transport patients to a reputed hospital to save lives. Air ambulance services in Kolkata and air ambulance services in Delhi are quite popular amongst the patients.

These programs would move a patient from a small distance (up to 200 kilometers). In these helicopters, the total number of seats is lower. Also, the total number of participants is determined according to the total weight of the board. In the event of floor transport that may risk the life of the patient, air ambulance services are provided. They are also crucial if the condition of the patient is critical, and time becomes crucial.

In organ transportation, air ambulances play a significant role, especially when it comes to life-saving transplant surgeries and when there are. In such cases chances of health deterioration during transport

In some instances, air ambulances are used for not just the transport of patients but also for emergency transfers from place to spot.

The Air Ambulance is being used primarily to transport people to health centers urgently. Patient shifts by airplane or helicopter during medical emergencies have proven to be beneficial to many patients. Air ambulance services in Delhi are currently equipped with modern technologies which help the patients to a great extent

An air ambulance is provided with essential equipment for life-saving, such as an oxygen tank, BP alarm, and stethoscope. Skilled professionals on the helicopter are competent to provide the patient with the pre-hospital care needed.

Why Aeromed has a competitive advantage over others?

At Aeromed, we ensure that the air ambulance cost is less and can be afforded by anyone despite his economic status and socio-economic background. We ensure that the air ambulance fare is within the reach of common masses.

As a result of constant innovation and up-gradation, we can serve many happy customers. Our designers have introduced flexible and fixed mounting positions and different containers for the medical equipment to increase cabin space.

We believe in constant innovation and up-gradation. We use many innovative methods to make things more convenient for patients.

Our team consists of well-trained medical experts who can guide you in case of issues.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today to avail of the best air ambulance service in Delhi with Aeromed.

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