Interesting facts about Lukla Airport

The interesting facts of Lukla are many. This can be seen when you really explore a region by yourself. Lukla is a small town that is absolutely located at the foot of Mount Everest. It has been one of the most dangerous airports in the world. This is why Lukla is the starting point to Mount Everest.

This airport is not famous but the most adventurous, and this is the gateway to the Everest region. On the other side, this airport is also an extremely busiest and smallest in this region. You can also search for the most dangerous airport in the world on Google when it becomes dangerous and still busy airport.

Lukla airport in this region is located between the Himalayas in Nepal. You may wonder why this is enlisted in the risky airport? The fact about this is that it is located on the slope of the Himalayas at an elevation of 9000ft above sea level in this region of the country.

The asphalt with the paved runway in Lukla which is one and only 1,500 ft long with a total 65 ft wide and gradient of 12% from the north direction to the south.

Something which is so much challenging in this region is the weather factor. The bad weather condition is mainly a strong reason which is behind the various forms of cancellation of flights and landlines in the region of Lukla.

The flights from the Tribhuvan International Airport start in the early morning only at a time when there is a clear blue sky. The unexpectedly no electrical power and small terminal leave none of the room for any error. At the same time, the take-off of flight and land becomes a bit riskier than in other regions of a country.

Anyone can make some sense after reading the above materials that how risky or not is Lukla? only in terms of Flight. But other ways are none risk and easy to exceed the Everest region. We can also say that this is not as much as risky as you think traveling to the region of Lukla.

The true thing about the airport is that the runway and location add some of the extremity of landing destination but not as the point which can be skipping the flight that heads towards the Everest base camp or Gokyo Ri region. And yes there are several accidents and crashes because of the seasonal false.

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Some attempt to land in bad weather conditions of a country. This is why sometimes the fatal crashes happen during the land and takeoff in this Lukla region of a country. On the other hand, if you may go there in good weather conditions.

The flights in this region are almost enthralling and thrilling enough with the amazing views of Himalayas and wanderer landscapes of peaks here in this region.

There are several reasons why spring and autumn are the best months to fly to/from Lukla

  • Usually every day no clouds,
  • Not really windy,
  • Lukla airport is dry and clean, which is relatively safe to land,
  • The Sky is a very clear plus, that means, visibility is super clear,
  • Many Choices of plane tickets in High season, cause there are quite some different air companies that fly in and out.
  • Temperature is mild and route of Everest trek is clean,
  • If you trek in March and April you can also get a chance to see many Everest climbers at the base of Everest.
  • If Weather is mild then you may not get mountain sickness.
  • These two different time spans got so many Nepali local festivals so from cultural aspects also is good.

Facts of Lukla Airport and Everest region

  • Before making Lukla Tenzing Hillary airport, There was just one option: go to jiri from Kathmandu by bus, then trek 5 to 6 days to reach Lukla.
  • Lukla airport was named in January 2008 by Tenzing-Hillary Airport out of appreciation for Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary who have submitted Mt. Everest in 1953 May
  • Lukla is very short and small, 1729 ft. long and 65 ft. wider.
  • You get 15 kg baggage recompense in a trip to Lukla and it is a 30-minute short flight, providing you with a stunning Himalayan view.
  • While landing at Lukla starts from North to South direction, likewise take off from Lukla is South to North.
  • The plane to/From Lukla is very small thus, there are no fixed seats to sit. Therefore you are recommended to sit on the left when you are flying to Lukla similarly, on the right when you are flying to Kathmandu/Manthali. It will reward you with an incredible massive Everest mountain panorama. Although, it is the best scenic short flight.
  • There would be about over 40 flights every day in the high trekking season (Mid. September to End of November).
  • There are few luxury hotels, where you can stay a few nights after your successful trekking.
  • There is only a Money Exchange but not an ATM machine yet at Lukla.
  • There are many small inns where they sell local food and drinks but be sure if you are eating choose a clean place and ask if their food is fresh or not.
  • At Lukla, there is no Radar System, but there is a radio communication system to take on and take off.
  • Keep some extra day for Lukla flight, in case there is bad weather.
  • Make sure you have enough Nepali cash with you.
  • The total population of Lukla is about 1,500
  • The flights generally do not fly on time but you are always in the queue as per their rules.

In the above, we have fully explained the interesting and amazing facts about Lukla Airport of this region. Exploring Lukla through the flight is of course a heart breathing thing as well as you may also enjoy the adventure of the landing at Lukla airport.

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