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Interior Design Ideas For Small Indian Flats

Times have compelled us all to live in cities where each establishment comes with space restrictions and all of us have to make the most of it. However, there is no book that says that small homes cannot look awesome and have great aesthetics. There are countless ways to decorate a small space and if you consult some expert flat interior designers in Kerala, you can also make use of the architectural dimensions and proper arrangement symmetries to make your home appear spacious and loftier.

The following post will be offering some amazing tips for the same and will be your one-stop guide for all the best and the trendiest decor ideas. So, if you are looking for some tips to decorate your home, or redo it, then read it thoroughly. For the best results, we recommend consulting some expert interior decorators in Ernakulam that can help you make the most of your space and investment.

So, here we go!

1. Wall Decor

Walls are the souls of every house. Their color, aesthetics that are added to them, patterns, decor items, and quirky things such as abstract paintings, mirrors, and clocks all make them an essential thing to be taken care of while decorating your home. To mark the entry of any new season, such as spring season, if you feel that your walls need a new color, then instead of going for the long process of painting, you can opt for the wall decals, wall decor, wallpapers, and some rustic wall hangings with a natural theme. Wall decals with birds, light and vibrant summery shades, and clocks with vibrant colors and quirky frames will give an instant makeover to them.

2. Furnishings that change the overall impact

Choose some unique and outstanding furnishings such as curtains, cushions, sofas, chairs, coffee tables, outdoor furniture, and various other such things that add charm to your home and don’t require much investment as well. There are many options to choose from that can be easily shopped from the online websites in the comfort zone of your home. You can also find season-specific furnishings for different parts of your home and change them seasonally to ensure that your home looks nice and cozy for the new season. Such small changes keep your home environment engaging and you can also find solace in a tastefully decorated home.

3. Follow the trending or classic themes

The current trend in the home decor and furnishing is to keep everything as per some theme. Fairytale theme for the kinds, romantic theme with deep hues and Mediterranean or Spanish settings of rooms for the couples, sci-fi theme, nature theme, superhero theme, galaxy theme, ocean theme, Disney princess theme and rustic theme – there are many options to choose from. One of the most amazing trends is to combine the best of two completely different things such as Black and White, Traditional and Modern elements, Indian and Foreign elements fusion. In such cases, you don’t have to change the complete set, but just install some elements intelligently and make your home a perfect fusion.

4. Floor Decor is also essential, don’t overlook it

Don’t ignore the floors. Add some decor to the floors and make them instantly attention-grabbing. You can go for the floor cushions, large rugs, runners, mats, stools and chairs with low seating, floor mattresses and even the floor art which has become a rage these days. Drawing stripes on the floor along the length of the floor gives the overall space a spacious and lengthy look. We recommend installing rugs and runners that are made of organic materials to add an authentic touch to your homes. Further, if you have kids, you must invest in rugs and carpets that are dyed with non-toxic dyes.

5. Fountains and Water Columns

If you have enough room, you can add special decor items such as fountains and water columns that are available in different colors, different sizes and are even considered lucky. Buddha statues with fountains, small flowery fountains, fountains in the shape of mountains and various other types add a charming effect to your home.

6. Vases and Containers

Installing vases and containers of different shapes and sizes that can be installed in various corners and seating areas is also a trend these days. You can arrange them in groups or individually as well. There is not much need to add fresh flowers in them every day as emptiness is a decor item in itself. Small containers and handmade boxes placed on tables and stools can also be employed to add instant charm to your homes.

7. Cabinets and Floorings

Nowadays there are different types of materials available for cabinets and floorings in the kitchens. We recommend opting for materials that are easy to clean, maintain and are resistant to stains and scratches. They tend to prove a better choice as compared to the ones that are cheap and get damaged easily.

And one last thing to always keep in mind during kitchen designing is that everything you see on the internet is not feasible as well as relevant for your home and kitchens. Taking inspiration is good, but blindly following anything you see will only call for losses.

Well, these are some decor tips and ideas to decorate your home and make it ready for new innings. You can also opt for some indoor plants and small garden settings for balconies etc to give that green and open feeling to your establishment.

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