Introduction to Co-Living in Luxembourg

The Grand Dutchy of Luxembourg is a vibrant and cosmopolitan place full of opportunities and amazing people. As you probably know by now, the greatest challenge in Luxembourg is accommodation, finding a place to live. That’s because there isn’t too much space for property development and at the same time, the demand is always high. 

As a result, people and rental agencies introduced flat-sharing, or what is today known as co-living. What follows is our case for co-living in Luxembourg, who is it best suited for, and what matters most when opting for co-living in Luxembourg.

Let’s start by explaining who should consider, and for whom co-living is not that suited.

Generally speaking, anyone interested in sharing a flat or a house with other people is a viable candidate for co-living. The co-living concept is not recommended for families with children. There is no law saying that families with children shouldn’t choose co-living, but just that families with children can be a bit overwhelming in so many senses.  

Other than that, working people, artists, students, travelers, digital nomads, are some of the most common people that opt-out for co-living. Some do it because they can’t afford to rent a place on their own, others because they like the idea of living with other people instead of living alone, and some can’t find an opening, and the only choice is co-living.

Co-living in Luxembourg

Many people are turned down by the idea of co-living because they need to share a flat or a house with strangers. For any other country, that’s a valid argument, but not for Luxembourg. 

So yes, if you opt for co-living in Luxembourg, you will need to learn to live with strangers (at least at first), but other than that, you shouldn’t fear for your well-being, safety, and their manners. And no, you don’t need a co-living expert in Luxembourg to help you with that task. You need the services of a reputable real estate agency in Luxembourg. 

The most reputable real estate agencies are aware of the fact that trust is a big part of all co-living experience. That is why each of the candidates is first thoroughly vetted, and background checks are conducted. Each candidate is interviewed and they got introduced to a code of conduct that they need to respect and accept. 

A financial check is conducted for each candidate as well. The best real estate rental agencies only accept candidates with sound finances. 

Last but not least, rental agencies always make sure that they choose flatmates with similar interests and lifestyles

In Conclusion

Finding the right people for flat sharing is the single most important aspect of co-living. Anyone that has experienced co-living can confirm that. As we’ve explained above, the best real estate rental agencies got you covered in that regard. That way, you don’t have to worry that the person living in the room next to you will keep you awake all night long singing karaoke or can’t get your turn to use the washing machine.

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