Investment Advice: How to Keep Your Money Safe Amid Coronavirus

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Investment Advice: How to Keep Your Money Safe Amid Coronavirus

Many people are facing issues in planning a good investment strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are looking to explore investment options, but are unable to make a concrete plan, to which they can stick throughout the pandemic. Should you open an FD account? Or should you invest in the stock market? 

This article will help you understand the right way to plan investment and keep your money safe in the bear market conditions according to your risk profile.

How to invest money during the coronavirus pandemic?

While looking for opportunities to grow your money in the midst of a bear market, you need to look out for opportunities. The core investing strategy should be diversification while entering the market gradually. An investor should be prepared for volatility in the market. It is important to start small and diversify your portfolio in different assets. You can open an FD account to invest more securely and grow money at a fixed rate. 

Keep in mind the following points while investing in the current uncertain market conditions.

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1. Understand your credit risk: Every person has different investment goals. Some people can bear the heavy risk to grow their money, while some people need to have their investments at low or no risks. Understanding your credit risk is the first step that you should take.

2. Plan long term investments: Due to high volatility during bear market conditions, it is better to plan long term investments to ensure growth. Make sure to have 3-6 months, the longer, the better. Always try to search for better returns, like if you plan to have an FD, compare options to find a lender providing the highest FD rates.

3. Diversify your assets: Make sure to diversify your portfolio according to your credit risk. Choose a wide range of assets that can provide consistent growth while keeping in mind the credit risks. If you do not want to get involved in high-risk investments, it would be better to open an FD account to get consistent growth in money. However, if you can bear high risks, investing in equity MF can grow your money in a better place.

4. Invest regularly in a planned manner: Averaging your costs of investments can help you grow money faster. It can help you buy more when the assets are available in the market at cheap rates. 

5. Get advantage of compounding: You can earn interest on your interest if you choose to make investments in a disciplined manner. You can grow your money by getting compounding benefits with liquid MF. 


It is important to reframe your investment strategy during the time of coronavirus pandemic. The current market dip is a good opportunity for young investors, as they have more time to grow their money. Choosing an investment with the highest FD rates can get fixed interest benefits. So, it is better to open an FD account if you are not ready for high credit risks.

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