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Is LASIK Surgery Worthy- Check out Some Pros and Cons

Most people want to enjoy life without spectacles and lenses. Sometimes, eye surgery becomes essential yet it is frightening as well. However, with LASIK eye surgery there is nothing to worry about as it only creates a small flap in the cornea for reshaping it to correct the vision. The basic LASIK cost in the UK is relatively high than that of other vision correcting procedures.

As it is not being covered in any insurance, flexible payment options can be obtained to bear its cost. Even other financing options can be looked upon to pay the surgery cost. But before you undergo it, let’s have a detailed look at its pros and cons to determine whether it is suitable for you or not!

Pro- LASIK surgery is safe and fast

LASIK eye surgery gets completed within 20 minutes. Basically, the entire surgery set up consumes a lot of time. Valium is administered in patients’ bodies for calming down their nerves. This surgery is meticulously designed and gets off on its own whenever the eye attempts any sudden movement which can cause injury or error. Hence, it features both peaces of mind and protection.

Con- Eligibility is needed

The patients above 40 years of age are not suitable to undergo the surgery. It is so; because there is a high probability of having presbyopia in which the eye lens gets stiff. As a result, the near vision gets badly affected. LASIK surgery is there to alter the cornea, not for the lens.

PRK is also known as photorefractive keratectomy can be the better option for those who have high eye powers and thin cornea. There is no issue creation of a flap in this procedure.

Pro- Offers rapid result

After undergoing the surgery, the vision will get corrected within a short span of time. The difference can be observed within a couple of hours. Even the patients can get into the track of their normal daily lifestyle at the same time.

On another flip, PRK consumes a lot of time for complete recovery. It needs over a month for a full recovery and corneal surface removal while in the meantime minor pain can be experienced by the recipients.

Con- Comes with a couple of LASIK risks

Although dry eyes can be experienced for a couple of months after LASIK surgery yet it is manageable by artificial tears. There is only a pale chance of having a permanent eye problem. Halos and nighttime glare are other rare side effects. As LASIK eye surgery covers the whole cornea as a treatment zone the risk gets alleviated with the usage of advanced technology.

Pro- Enjoy life without contact lens or glasses

With LASIK eye surgery the recipients can enjoy the rest of their life without glasses and lenses. Even they will be able to indulge in the basic activities which get affected due to poor vision. This surgery is the ideal solution to dry eyes as well.

Con- Flaps may get injured

During LASIK eye surgery flaps are made ensuring that patients never rub the eyes at the healing period. But it can get dislodged due to any trauma like poking with the fingernail or tree branch.

This can take place after a couple of years of the surgery as well. If you undergo PRK then there is nothing such issue so both active persons and athletes can do their best in their respective fields.

Pro- Vision gets improved

20/20 vision can be regained by the LASIK eye surgery recipients. However, there is nothing expect exceptional as the patient can survive the rest of the life without contact lenses and glasses. But the patients who have high eye power can correct their vision by only about 20-30%. Yet it eradicates the necessity for glasses and contact lenses completely.

Con- May need to do LASIK again

Over time, vision quality may get depleted leading you at the necessity of undergoing LASIK again. It leads to the occurrence of myopic regression. There is a possibility to drift back yet the intensity will be different. Moreover, second LASIK surgery comes with varied yet increased risks at the same time.

If you want to get rid of those foggy glasses while wearing masks, the contact with the experienced eye surgeons at Optimal Vision. The eye specialists will discuss the whole treatment procedure and offer you the treatment at the best LASIK surgery cost in the UK. Even after-care and necessary advice will be included in the treatment procedure at the same time.

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