JavaScript Web Development Frameworks Worth Your While!

Since its inception, JavaScript has been contributing to web application development to an unimaginable extent. JavaScript, with its functionalities, keeps the capability of providing exact web application development services as desired. 

This high-level programming language is used for the development of highly dynamic and interactive web applications and web pages. 

With JavaScript, you get access to an extensive variety of programming styles along with event-driven and prototype-based programming.

Another best part about JavaScript is its frameworks. 

Here are the best JavaScript frameworks that have always been on top of the mind and will continue to do that. 

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Having the grounds of JavaScript, AngularJS took no time to reach new heights. It arrives with a plethora of benefits for small, medium, and large scale industries web development. It has even become one of the widely used JS frameworks for SPA (Single Page Application) development. 

Some of its significant uses include rapid code production, simple testing of an app’s part along with two-way data binding. The list of techniques used by AngularJS includes AJAX, DHTML, DOM scripting, etc. Every development ranging from desktop, web, to mobile, all can be initiated well with AngularJS. Component-based architecture, inter-component communications, improved DI (Dependency Injection), efficient logging service are some of its noteworthy features. 


Rising above all expectations, Vue.js has proved to be one of the best-performing JS frameworks. It is a handy and easy to learn framework in comparison to its competitors. 

The list of some of its primary features includes two-way data binding, server-side rendering, Vue-cli, and optional JSX support. It’s lightweight makes it perform quite faster in terms of cross-platform development. 

The development of SPAs (Single Page Applications) can be carried out effectively with the use of Vue.js. 


Ember.js, for its impeccable features, functionalities, and support for web development, managed to grab the title of the best JavaScript framework for web application development in 2015.

It covers an ample space in the area of web development with regular updates, vast community working on improvements, and the use of JavaScript, ensuring the ultimate user experience.

With Ember.js as well comes the two-way data binding assisting with keeping view and model synchronized every time. The learning curve of Ember.js is easy and smooth, with the availability of multiple tutorials available. 

Big brands using Ember.js include Netflix, LinkedIn, Accenture, Chipotle, Blue Apron, DigitalOcean, Nordstrom, etc. 


MeteorJS, since its release in 2012, has developed into quite a preferred choice among many developers. It is another well-known JavaScript framework which with its features, helps with excellent back-end development, front-end rendering, business logic, and database management.

Using MeteorJS, the end-to-end web and mobile applications can be developed in a matter of minutes. 

There is not much hassle as MeteorJS serves all the phases of software development with maximum productivity and looks after processes like linking, files concatenation, etc.

The companies making use of MeteorJS include Mazda, IKEA, Honeywell, etc. 


Making its presence in 2010, Express.js is one of the oldest yet active frameworks for JavaScript. It’s quality of being fast, and a minimalist makes it ideal for creating APIs and web applications.

It works with AngularJS as the front-end framework and performs as the standard server framework for Node.js.

Some worth appreciation features of Express.js include quick performance, easy learning curve, simplicity, lightweight, robust, fewer chances of errors in the code, plugins support, and powerful development tools.

You can enjoy all the desired web application development services with Express.js. 


Being a compact one, Next.js is a JavaScript framework that is used mainly for back-end development for applications in the React framework. It offers a simple implementation experience for React application development.

Next.js is the best tool for the development of universal JavaScript applications that are able to run on any server or device. The complex applications can be developed with minimal code using Next.js. 

Being a minimalist framework, rapid performance, compatibility with backwards, simple learning and usage, and user-friendly programming are some of its features. 

Aurelia JS

Aurelia JS, written in ECMAScript, is an open-source UI framework with multiple JS modules. It’s modular structure offers various options for the development of modern apps. Aurelia JS is also famous for creating robust applications for desktop, mobile along with web browsers.

It is suitable for several JS application development with support for scripts, including ES5, ES 2015, 2016, and TypeScript.

Being best to develop next-gen JS code, integration with web components, two-way data binding, support for custom HTML elements, and some web programming languages are some of Aurelia JS qualities. 


Mithril.js is a popular and modern client-side JavaScript framework used for creating SPAs (Single-Page Applications). It is not just efficient in performance but also takes minimum storage space. 

The use of an optimized virtual DOM algorithm to minimize DOM updates is supported by Mithril.js. It also extends its support to various web browsers such as Firefox ESR, IE11, Safari, and Chrome.

Its incredible features consist of brilliant routing and XHR utilities, fast performance as compared to other popular JavaScript frameworks, the fastest MVC library in the TodoMVC benchmark, and availability of the auto re-drawing system.

Final Words

With JavaScript already being so effective, and efficient, using its frameworks indeed sounds like a fantastic idea. 

The demand for JavaScript is never-ending. You can create some incredible, never heard, and seen before websites and applications by making use of JavaScript. All you have to do is look for the right web application development company to help you out. 

Talking of JavaScript frameworks, they are highly useful and enriched with various features and functionalities. There is not just one but a bunch of front-end and back-end frameworks to support the development of any custom web application development by making use of JavaScript. 

If your need is a cost-effective, time-saving tool, then JavaScript frameworks are what you need to go to!

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