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Know How to Dispose Your Old Car Battery Online!

Your car battery is a heavy lump of toxic metals and acid. So, properly disposing it will help you avoid an environmental disaster. But have you ever wondered how to dispose it off? Don’t worry, as its still unknown to many. Most of the consumers even today tend to put them in their recycling bin or end up hoarding them. However, both of these methods are incorrect. So how do you responsibly dispose of old batteries? After purchasing car battery online, people often don’t think about its maintenance until it starts giving them problems. And when it does, you usually go for the easiest process to swap it out. Don’t just throw it away. Recycle it.This article is here to give you the proper ways of how you should recycle or dispose your car batteries.

  • Call the vehicle manufacturer to know the disposal method 

These days, searching for a good place for the battery recycling locations nearby is just a click away. All you need to do is dial up to the most trusted auto center. Whether its NiMH battery or lead, you would first need to check the label form recycling instructions or call the vehicle manufacturer for proper recycling methods.  

  • Secure the battery in your vehicle 

If you prefer going to the car battery recycling location instead of doing it online, first secure the battery in your vehicle’s trunk, preferably on a disposable item such as a heavy plastic lid, a section of plywood, or trash plastic bag. Make sure it does not move from the place while you are driving in order to prevent acid spills. 

  • Return it to the retailer 

Before discarding the old car battery, check your receipt to see if there’s a core charge on the battery. Such charge is assessed on parts such as water pumps, starter motor, alternators, batteries, and several other automotive components where the old part has value to the retailer, either to be rebuilt or recycled. 

  • Sell it to a scrap metal depot 

If you have got the new car battery receipt misplaced and cannot claim the core charge from the battery retailer, it’s better to go for a scrap metal service or recycler nearby. With just an hour’s research, you will be able to find out and compare the current rate they offer for the old one to get the best deal. 

  • Get your car battery replacement done from a certified mobile mechanic 

The easiest and the most common way to recycle a battery is to take it to where car batteries are sold such as a trusted auto parts store. Have you removed your old car battery and want to get it replaced by a new one? Call right now at 04 3105600 / 800 933 4733 and get your car battery replacement done from ZDEGREE- one of the eminent and reputed battery shops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. From Exide, Zeetex, ACDelco, Trane to Bosch, they have multiple car battery brands in UAE for most vehicles on the road today. Select a premium battery with a longer warranty for hassle-free performance from their website at just an affordable price rate. Talk to one of the experts in order to know more about the best brands available. You will be surprised to know their way of providing customer service keeping up safety guidelines on top priority during this pandemic. Just one call! And they will be right at your doorstep to provide you with mobile service for car battery replacement or battery related services. 

Why bring the old batteries to ZDEGREE? 

Generally, there are two basic ways to get the recycling done: either take it to a hazardous waste recycling center or replace it with a new one. But if you choose ZDEGREE, within no time they will come and pick up your car battery from your doorstep. Not just that, they have the experienced professional who will diagnose the battery problem with their latest diagnostic and servicing tool and will ensure its condition so that you can enjoy a smooth functioning of your vehicle. 

With ZDEGREE, you can have your old car battery tested, removed, recycled, and replaced all in one convenient stop. Whether you have to recycle batteries, oil, or just need to find a great deal on a new car or truck tyre service stop by ZDEGREE store at any centers in the UAE for more information. Now that you know where to recycle batteries, it’s time to upgrade your old version with a safe, new one with a generous warranty and reliable performance. Talk to the ZDEGREE professional team to help you test, remove, and replace your old car battery today. 

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