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For the new smokers, it is very confusing to get a proper guide to select the filter of the tobacco pipe. They keep asking on different forums about the selection of the filter. Whether they are using a new or an estate one, the filters that come with the pipe is almost useless. They are not able to provide you proper performance.

People search for Smoking Pipes For Sale Online to get some good quality filters. They join the online community or attend the local pipe shows to get an idea about the whole concept. However, most of the pipe smokers don’t participate in those discussions and they prefer to act as lone wolves. You should not be disappointed with that as you will have a proper guide here to resolve all queries.

Before that, let’s take a look at the benefits of the filter pipe.

The concept of the filter was started to cool down the smoke by removing the moisture along with tar and by-products. The ardent pipe smokers know the problem of excess moisture and combustion. Due to the moisture, they can experience the smell of burnt tobacco but there some drawbacks as well.

The excessive moisture detracts from the smoking experience in many ways like creating a gurgle or buildup of condensed moisture that causes blockage in the draft hole. In this way, the buildup moisture enters into the mouth of the smoker. It can also cause tongue burn from the hot steam of the pipe.

How to select the filter?

Almost all the Smoking Pipes For Sale Online have a filter inserted in it. This filter is located inside of the mouthpiece tenon which is the part that inserts into the shank.

Though there are different types of smoking pipe accessories available in the market, the two most common are metal and 9mm filters.

Metal Filters

The filter is made of made and the shape is quite small. One metal filter is maybe different in shape from another. It may look like a tube or a spiral. When the smoke reaches the metal channel, it cools down automatically and as the result, the tar and the nicotine settle down in this chamber.

The metal filters are very easy to care for and clean. You need to replace the filter only when it is broken or damaged. When it gets dirty, you have to clean it with soapy water or a paper towel. If it gets too dirty, then also you may consider replacing it. This is a cheap and affordable filter but the efficiency is somehow less than the 9mm filter.

9mm Filter

This 9mm long filter is full of active charcoal or meerschaum pellets. It is the most efficient filter on the market as it can capture tar and nicotine along with moisture. For that reason, smokers can enjoy dry and flavorful smoke.

However, the main drawback of the filter is that you need to change it after two or three smoke. Before selecting the 9mm filter, make sure that your pipe’s shank is deep enough to hold it.

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