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Are you looking for an expert solution for your skin problems? Kosmoderma Skin & hair clinic can take care of all your issues with their services of top dermatologist in Chennai. Being one of the most experienced skin care clinics, Kosmoderma has so far rendered service of 10 years treating over one lakh people across India as well globally. So without a second thought, you can step into the best skin and hair clinic in Chennai.


Kosmoderma, a chain of skin and hair clinics in India, was established in the year 2005 by celebrity cosmetologist Dr Chytra V Anand. Every client is given utmost care and treatment under the guidance of Dr Chytra V Anand and a team of top dermatologists in Chennai.


You may face so many skin problems. Sometimes all those expensive cosmetic products don’t work. But don’t lose hope. Kosmoderma is here for you in Chennai.

Our services are:

  • Scars removal: Sometimes, you might feel a bit awkward going to the public with those birthmarks or surgical/ accidental scars. But no more worries since Kosmoderma offers you the best scar removal services for all scars. So now let your skin glow and shine.
  • Detan & lightening: When the glutathione level decreases, you may get hyperpigmented, leading to darker complexion. All you have to do is just book an appointment to the top dermatologist in Chennai at Kosmoderma. You will be given oral doses or injection of Glutathione, or at certain conditions, you will be preferred for a laser treatment too.
  • Hair removal: Now, you don’t have to bear the pain of monthly waxing since laser hair removal is available. Laser hair removals provide you with a permanent solution for your hair growth on upper and under lips, face, underarms, bikini line, arms and legs.
  • Anti-ageing treatments: You might have wrinkles on the passage of time, but the anti-ageing treatments can help you to retain the young and beautiful skin always. The anti-ageing ingredients used are glycolic acid, retinol, ceramides, peptides etc.
  • Facelifts: If you require a wrinkle-free tight skin, Kosmoderma prefers you to do non- surgical facelifts for a bold and beautiful skin. Botox injections, Ultrasound- based facelift, Thread lifting, Thermage and Fractional lasers are the techniques used to bring back the youth in you.
  • Breast or butt augmentation: Breast augmentation will help the breast look fuller and lifted. Butt augmentation also does the same by changing the shape or size, so that you look complete in your attire. Since the process is done under local anaesthesia, you don’t have to worry about the pain.
  • Liposuction: If you are tired of all those back talks because of your over fat. Liposuction can be your best remedy as it helps in the removal of excess fat from your abdomen. The methods used are Tumescent Liposuction and Ultrasound-assisted liposuction.
  • Pigmentation treatment: The hyperpigmentation can cause the formation of dark spots in your skin. Microdermabrasion, Retinol therapy, peels, Intense Pulsed light therapy and laser skin resurfacing are the methods used in de-pigmentation treatment.
  • Hair loss treatment: if your concern is excess hair loss, Kosmoderma’s Growth factor therapy will help you. It involves the separation of growth factors from plant-based enzymes and injecting them into the scalp to facilitate hair growth.


  • PERSONALIZED SOLUTIONS- Kosmoderma is respecting the uniqueness of each client and is concerned providing them with 3D facial analysis and customized treatments.
  • ENSURED SAFETY- Since customer safety is the priority of the clinic, only US-FDA & European CE approved procedures are performed.
  • BEST TEAM OF DOCTORS: The excellent team of doctors and staff headed by Dr Chytra V Anand makes Kosmoderma the top dermatologists in Chennai.
  • HAPPY CUSTOMERS: Kosmoderma has a big circle of trust with 90,000 services delivered per year with an average satisfaction score of 4.7 out of 5.


Kosmoderma skin & hair clinic

Chetpet, Chennai-600031
So what is to wait for? Book your appointment at Kosmoderma skin and hair clinic, Chennai to avail of the service of the top dermatologist in Chennai. Let your skin be happy with no acne and scars with the skincare treatments at Kosmoderma. It is time to bring out the bold and beautiful in you. Please don’t waste time; grab your phone to book the appointment today itself.

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