Lethal Food Combinations You Should Avoid

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Lethal Food Combinations You Should Avoid

Lethal Food Combinations You Should Avoid

Food is a timeless love of every living creature on the planet. We are always ready to experiment with new ways and cooking methods to enhance the experience for our taste buds. But does that still work in the right manner? Perhaps no. Sometimes due to ignorance, sometimes due to the zeal for trying new things, we eat combinations of food and become ill.

Eating is good for health but not careless eating. Here are several food combinations that you should always avoid to prevent any severe health issues.

Milk with any other food product, especially bitter gourd

In itself, milk is a complete diet that should not be paired with anything strong in taste. Although there can be many names, bitter gourd can be called the prime enemy and deny coming together.

This combination can cause food poisoning followed by nausea, loose motions, headache, etc. Also, the citrus fruits do not make a good match with the milk, and they may cause severe health issues. Do you want to go to the hospital suddenly? If NO, then do not forget this point.

Meat and potatoes

Both are heavy, and both are full of fats. However, meat gives proteins but is paired with the wrong food. It can be hazardous for the digestive system. The carbohydrate in the potatoes can ferment, and the proteins in the meat can putrefy, and both can cause flatulence and gas.

People with obesity should specifically avoid this combination because the extra fat in their bodies cannot bear such combinations. They may have another sort of issue that can make an existing health issue severe.

Cold drink + cheesy food

This suggestion may make many people revolt in favor of this combination, but the truth is the truth. It is for your own good because an ill person can never feel happy. The drinks with carbohydrates have a high amount of fructose that is not easy to absorb by the stomach. They also have a high sugar level, not suitable for a person of any age. Similarly, cheesy food is full of fats, and it will make the situation even worst.

The actuality is that nowadays, food is available to satisfy instant cravings as fast as the loans the UK in 15 minutes for emergency needs. But hey! You need to understand that what you eat today decides your tomorrow. In place of acting foolishly in your eating habits, it is better to be humble with your body.

Stop doing this injustice to yourself. After all, it is your own body. Love it unconditionally and give complete care, and the world can be a happy place to live without any illness.

Tea after a meal

Many of us are in intense love with tea and cannot imagine even a day without it, but we make a mistake if we take it after a meal. The health statistics get disturbed with the food followed by tea if you do that regularly.

The tannic acid in the tea obstructs digestion and binds the iron present in the food items you eat, stopping the food giving health and nutrition. It is basically a mood spoiler for the food inside your tummy and pokes just every ingredient present in the stomach after eating.

It is more critical for those who have an addiction to tea because it is challenging to leave tea after a meal. Are you among them? You should start working on the improvement part and find out the ways of avoiding it. Initially, it is difficult for sure, but once it becomes your habit, your body will be healthier.

Water and meals

This is something we are listening to since childhood, right? But how many of us follow the rule in our routine. Few, perhaps very few, those who do not mix water and meals are doing a laudable job with their strong resistance. One should drink water only after 30 minutes, and the same rule is applicable before the meal.

It is like gathering sludge in your stomach because when water pairs with the food inside the body, it becomes like wet mud. The digestion process completely stops, and that obstructs the rich nutrients from reaching to your various body parts. It can be hazardous in the long run.

Also, it kills appetite making you prone to bad drinking habits. There is so much to follow in the name of prevention when it comes to food. Our health responsibility is just like a baby that depends on us for its happy and bad days.

Our right decisions can make it happy, and wrong decisions can make us get upset. For sure, no one wants the latter one, then why not stay cautious about what we eat. Take the resolution (not to break) of healthy eating with caution towards all the wrong and careless habits. Your body is the only friend that stays with you until the last breath. Agree?

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