Life After Clearing the SSC CGL: Perks and Benefits

The CGL exam is also known as the Combined Graduate Level Examination conducted by the Staff Selection Commission. Every year SSC CGL exam is conducted to hire Group B and C officers to various posts in top ministries, departments, and organizations of the Government of India. Every year a number of candidates appear in the SSC CGL exam. To appear in the exam first they have to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the exam. For example, the applicant must have graduated from a certified university. Also, they have to be under the age limit of 20-30, the age limit depends upon the position candidates apply for. There are four distinct sections to the SSC CGL exam.

Clearing the exam is not an easy task for candidates as they have to cover the vast syllabus and beat the fierce competition. To ace the exam candidates have to do their best and work hard. Therefore, candidates follow various different strategies to do well in the exam. In addition, they join coaching centers, attend online classes, follow expert guidance, learn various tactics from the internet, and many more. Furthermore, some candidates start their preparations months ago so they can cover the whole syllabus on time. In addition, candidates also prefer to practice mock tests to ace the exam. In order for candidates to concentrate entirely on their exam preparation, candidates avoid engaging in social activities.

After clearing the SSC CGL exam candidates get several benefits. Like a secure future, job stability, a handsome salary package, and many more. In the upcoming paragraphs will discuss the benefits that candidates get after clearing the SSC CGL exam.

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Have a look at the benefits candidates get after clearing the SSC CGL exam:

After clearing the exam candidates get a job under the government department. That job comes with several advantages, including retirement benefits, health insurance, and paid leave. Also, it offers job stability, making it a good option for those looking for a long-term career.

  • Sense of purpose:

After clearing the SSC CGL exam candidates get jobs in the government department that provide them a sense of purpose. Moreover, candidates may find a sense of purpose in serving the public and contributing to the betterment of society.

  • Job satisfaction:

Candidates often feel satisfied with the job they get after clearing the exam. They find this kind of satisfaction because the work they do has an impact on their community and leads to the growth of the country.

  • Transport allowances:

All candidates, regardless of their specific qualifications or backgrounds, are eligible to receive transport allowances as part of the benefits package. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that employees are entitled to government-provided financial assistance for their transportation needs, and this entitlement applies universally, irrespective of their work location. This support is extended to all individuals in the workforce, ensuring that transportation costs are alleviated for employees no matter where they are stationed or assigned.

  • Gratuity benefits:

A gratuity is a payment given to employees who leave as severance. In addition, it is the amount of money that an employee receives from their employer in return for services they provide to the company while they are employed there. An employee may claim gratuity benefits only after 5 years of service in the same organization.

  • Benefits of LTC:

Officers chosen through the SSC CGL process are eligible for LTC. It allows them to travel within or outside of India after a certain period of time. As a result, employees are able to renew their minds and break the monotony of their lives.

  • National Pension Benefit:

Another benefit of working for the government is automatic enrollment in the national pension program. Employees receive a card that enables them to keep tabs on their pension. Moreover, The National Pension Benefit Scheme deducts a certain amount from your pay to fund your NPS account.

  • Medical facilities:

If you work for the government, the government will pay for all of your medical expenses. You enroll in the government’s medical care plans as they become available.

  • Paid leave benefits:

Paid leave is one of the most important reasons why people choose government jobs over private ones.

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Wrapping up

Candidates work hard and give their hundred percent to ace the exam. After passing the SSC CGL exam, they get several benefits. Like high salary, secure future, paid leave, medical benefits, pension plan, and many more.

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