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Life in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence refers to the intelligence reflected by the machines and Machine learning is a way through which artificial intelligence (AI) can be achieved. AI and machine learning are becoming a daily reality from science fiction. It helps us to live a happier, healthier, and productive life by knowing the way to harness its power.

Here are some of the points that reflect the reason behind seeing life in AI and machine learning.

Banking and Financial Services

AI and machine learning help a large number of banks and financial institutions to review the application’s quality and to analyze the risks so that to make informed decisions. AI and machine learning increase the engagement of the users and advanced technologies such as chatbots and voice recognition reduces the gaps amongst the financial institutions and potential customers. This makes it possible for the customers to contact anytime anywhere and get a real-time reply.

Healthcare Services

The AI and machine learning both have taken an important part in the wellbeing and health of the people. In the healthcare service provider, these technologies help from faster patient diagnosis to the prevention of illness. Nowadays, it became possible to recognize a person’s potential health hazard from genetic history, age, or socioeconomic status. Powered programs of AI and machine learning helps healthcare services providers to check symptoms from millions of cases contains in a database.

Self-Driving Cars and Automated Transportation

Where Google maps sources data from a smartphone by locating devices and navigation, Machine learning made it possible to have a self-driving car to the instant adaptation to changing road conditions. This unique feature is based on the fundamentals of machine learning that are used in other industries. It includes features of input the real-time visual and sensor data and an output of a decision making from the universe possible next action of a car. The technology recently needs drivers for safety but soon, thus, innovation will be available for all.

Home Security and Smart Homes

As the best technology for home security, AI-integrated cameras, and alarm systems are highly preferable by many homeowners. Facial recognition software and machine learning used to build a catalog of frequent visitors at home which allows detecting uninvited people in an instant. Further, AI-integrated smart homes also provide features with tracking the timings of last walked or arrival at home, the advanced systems also make an emergency call autonomously.  

Online Shopping

Online shopping has become an inevitable part of life for the customers who get highly engaged with technology. It is often seen that while doing online shopping, the e-commerce websites automatically starts showing some related items. AI and machine learning is the only thing that makes it possible for doing so and also done a great job in fraud protection. artificial intelligence and machine learning are also deployed to fraudulent transactions along with that decrease the number of legitimate transactions, which is declined due to falsely marked as fraudulent.

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