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Link Building Tactics for Local SEO

Link Building

Link building is essential for Local SEO. Link building means creating links that are relevant to the local business. These links help the business to appear at the top in the geo-targeted or local search.

To gain a good reputation as a local business getting inbound linkages is crucial. Inbound links can help Google and other search engines to understand your business and tell that you’re a legitimate business. Creating and optimizing inbound links from other local websites is very beneficial for your website. Obtain links from influencers who work in the same domain by building relationships with them.  Building relationships in the local neighborhood is useful. By connecting with trade associations, bloggers, resellers, vendors, and other local businesses, you can get inbound links. Link building helps you increase your ranking on search engines. It is a success factor for your whole Local SEO service.

The benefits of link building are:

  • Increases brand visibility online.
  • Assists in building brand authority.
  • Generates traffic on the website.
  • Increases sales.
  • Better conversion rates.
  • Quality links give higher domain and page authority.

7 Link Building Tactics for Local SEO

Connect with Local Influencers

Local influencers are very prominent for the local business for building links. The popularity of influencers’ marketing has increased, and people usually look up to what the influencers suggest in their videos and posts. If you connect with the local influencers, there are chances that your business to get better reach as they will promote your business in their content and provide links to your website. Linking with the influencers and ask them to give online reviews on your products or service is a way of link building. There is an option of an exchange of content where you write blogs for the influencer’s site in and in exchange, they give a backlink to your website.

Publicize similar or complementary business

Many businesses sell the products that are complementary to your products or of a similar niche. If you write about those businesses as your favorite ones and give them free publicity, then there are chances of getting something in return. The other business might provide you backlinks so that their customers can become your customers as well. Link building also means to create healthy relationships with other businesses so that you can get links from them to improve your Local SEO strategy.

Online Mentions

Online mentions are a great way to link building. When some business or publication mentions your business online on any online platform, you can ask for them to provide a link to your website. But for this, you need to track those online mentions. You can trace the online mentions by tools like Google Alerts and Mention. These tools track the online remarks on your business made by someone across the social channels. It helps you to know what people are saying about your business. Reach out to them and ask them to add a link with their online mentions. This way, get links to improve your local SEO.


 There has been a rise in blogging and its popularity since the past decade. Numerous bloggers write blogs on specific topics, and there are many readers online who read, review, and connect with bloggers. The business can partner with bloggers who write blogs similar to their business. The bloggers can provide links to the business website in their blogs so that they can check the business’s profile and become their customers. In this way, you can do something valuable to the audience with the blogs and also build links. The subject matter should be relevant to your business and likable for the target audience.

Local Resource Page

A local Resource page is where links to various local businesses of a location are listed. It is a tactic wherein you can create a resource page on your website and give links to local businesses. By doing this, you can ask for the same from them and get inbound links from them. You should link with the companies that you have linked for on your website and request them to give a backlink on their website. It is a way of supporting each other’s work and maintaining good relationships. Local SEO strategy becomes more effective if you build links with other local businesses.


Citations are a local link building strategy. There are two types of citations:

  • Structured citations 
  • Unstructured citations

Structured citations are mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone number on business listings. Business listings are crawled heavily and are very prominent for local businesses. These sites appear prominently in local searches. So these citations play a vital role in building links.

Unstructured citations are the mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone number on a non-listing directory like social profiles, databases, government sites, blogs, etc. It is a significant signal for the local search algorithm, and it builds your brands’ reputation and visibility. For this tactic, you can use local classified ads, free and paid directories.

Backlinks from Business Associations

The business associations operate like an organization of a distinct industry. The business associations are present in every locality. SEO company in Delhi/NCR helps the local businesses to rank higher. The local businesses can join these associations after submitting the membership fee. Being a part of such organizations helps your business and generates many links. These associations have their where different businesses are listed. If you become a member of these associations, then you can get listed on their website. These links are best for your local business and can help you gain relevant and reliable links.


Link building is an integral part of the local SEO strategy. Just having a local business website is not going to make your business get a high rate of conversions, but making connections and building links can. Link building does not mean to get backlinks but also give outbound links to have a good rapport with other businesses. Link building is crucial for every business, and by following these tactics, you can improve your SEO strategy and accomplish your business goals.

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