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Low Maintenance Flowering Plants to Enhance Your Balcony Garden

Gardens attached to the house look great and provide a happy place to spend time. It is a perfect place where you can spend your morning time, pour in some fresh air to keep up throughout the day. Starting your day amongst nature is a wonderful way to stay positive and calm through a chaotic day. So, people prefer having gardens in their place. But, it is not always possible to have a large green backyard garden at your home, and it is completely fine. You know nature can be adjusted anywhere if you are willing to put in some efforts. Yes, it’s not only the garden where plants and flowers can survive, but even your balcony can also compensate for the same. Yes, the latest trend shows that people who love plants and greenery but are limited with space are now turning their balconies into gardens. Trust me; it is way cooler than it sounds. Balcony gardens actually look really pretty; all you need is to put in some thoughts. From pots hung to the balcony grills to vertical gardens, guys, there is no limit once you decide to redecorate your balcony.

After planning a balcony garden, you can still save up space for yourself to sit around nature and sip your coffee in the morning. Ah! What a great way to start your day, right? If you want to carefully curate a garden in your balcony and still want to keep it low maintenance, then you can order plants online that are low maintenance. Some of the plant options are given below.



First, on the list is this dwarf plant named hydrangeas. This plant is a stunning shrub that is available in pretty colors like pink, purple, and blue. The plants produce pretty little flowers that appear in a bunch like structures. Collective, they look like the flowers have been tied together, they can be easily managed in a pot and will add volume to your balcony garden. Consider this plant as one of the easy to care plants. They thrive well in both full sunlight and partial sunlight, though you might have to increase the water supply if placed in direct sun.

Money plant

Another plant that can survive almost anywhere is the money plant. I mean, this plant grows well in a pot, or in a garden, in the soil as well as in water. The survival chances of a money plant, in any case, are really high. Wherever you plant it, it creeps all over the place; you just need to direct it. It can be a perfect addition to your balcony if you like the shade of plants. All it needs is water every 3 days and sunlight, that too not very direct. One more benefit is that you can grow it vertically if the space is low. Buy money plant online if you want to enjoy its natural shade.


Salvias are very beautiful plants as they give out a pretty red color flower. Just like hydrangea, this plant also gives out fresh flowers in bunches. Other colors that salvia is available in are blue, bright purple, and pink. By planting this plant in your balcony, you are bringing in a lot of colors to your balcony, which will be visible from a distance as well. It will make the appearance of your balcony garden much better. Salvia also called ‘sage’ grows pretty well in pots and actually has a drought-resistant property. Also, its perennial property makes it a blessing for someone trying to maintain a balcony garden.

Aloe Vera

Next on the list os aloe vera. Aloe vera has a great name amongst plants that everyone should have at their place. If you already don’t have an aloe vera at home, we suggest you plant it this time. Aloe vera is loaded with so many benefits like it rejuvenates hair and skin and can be used in so many DIY packs. Also, it is known to be a healer when you have little ones who are always found with new wounds. Also, it is easy to take care of this plant and grows in abundance if planted in suitable conditions. So, these are the low maintenance plants that you can consider to grow in your balcony.

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