Luxury Watches That Are Nicknamed After Eminent Personalities

Watch aficionados are well-conversant with the usual practice of offering nicknames to watches. Often, a watch earns a moniker because of a unique feature it sports. For instance, the Blue-and-Red Rolex GMT-Master was nicknamed as “Pepsi” due to the exclusive bezel tincture.

However, some models are also named after celebrities. Can you name anyone of them?

Over the years, celebrities or notable personalities have influenced the lives of ordinary people in many ways. While some distinguished persons have played a significant role in the massive success of specific timepieces, they have eventually influenced the decisions of consumers regarding watch purchase.

Now the exciting fact is that most of the watchmakers are abreast of the truth. Thus, from the very beginning, they have not escaped any chance to use celebrities for promoting their watches. And the list does not exclude elite brands like Rolex too.

So if you are buzzed with excitement, continue reading as we will be highlighting some of the famous luxury watches that are being moniker after eminent personalities.

Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman”

Topping this list of luxury watches named after celebrities is the Rolex Paul Newman Daytona. Outside the watch community, Paul Newman is recognised as a popular actor, racer and also, a philanthropist. But within the arena of the watch industry, Newman is commonly known for his alliance with unique Daytona watches.

The Daytona, named after “Paul Newman”, is a yellow gold watch that flaunts exotic dials. And coupled with a sapphire crystal, this watch is a statement piece. No doubt, the association of Paul Newman’s name with this Daytona played a significant role in driving the watch’s status.

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Richard Millie “Jackie Chan” Watches

Which name strikes your mind first when talking about actions and martial arts? It is Jackie Chan.

We guess you have not missed watching any of his films. However, there are a total of 141 movies of Jackie Chan.

Well, chances might be pretty less of meeting him in person. But you can indeed opt for a timepiece named after this iconic martial arts actor. The Swiss luxury watchmaker, Richard Mille ensures this opportunity as it has an entire collection named after Jackie Chan.

Rolex Explorer “Steve McQueen”

Popularly referred to as “The King of Cool”, the late Steve McQueen had the honour of having a watch from Rolex nicknamed after him. Collectors prized the “Steve McQueen” Rolex Explorer II for its striking aesthetics and distinguished craftsmanship.

The watch has a stainless steel case, the signature orange hand and acrylic crystal crown. Yes, you might know the watch by other monikers like “Freccione” or “Orange Hand”.

Cartier Santos Dumont

Cartier designed this watch exclusively for Alberto Santos Dumont – the famous aviator. Thus, the watchmaker eventually named the collection after him.

The story says that the iconic aviator conveyed his dissatisfaction of not having a user-friendly timepiece to accompany him during flights.

Thus, the brand crafted the Santos-Dumont watch for addressing these disquiets. Also, the Cartier Santos Dumont became one of the ever first wristwatches produced to date.

Rolex GMT-Master “Clint Eastwood” Rebooter

When talking about iconic celebrities of America, you cannot miss mentioning the actor, director, composer and producer Clint Eastwood. This well-known personality has bestowed most of his life in the entertainment industry.

However, acknowledging his efficiency and talents, Rolex went on to dub a watch after this celebrity. And it is the Rolex GMT-Master “Clint Eastwood” Rebooter.

This outstanding watch sports a dual-tone gold and brown bezel.

IWC Jacques Cousteau Aquatimer Chronograph

IWC noticed the diligent efforts of the French explorer Jacques Cousteau in conserving the seas. Thus, the brand went on to name its Aquatimer Chronograph Edition after him. The motive behind it was to honour Jacques Cousteau’s efforts to enlighten people about seas and oceans.

To keep true to this, the manufacturer even furnished the watch initially with a dark blue dial. However, they are today available in different hues with alluring designs.

Rolex Sea-Dweller “Cameron” D-Blue

For those who are not aware, James Cameron plunged into the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in 2012. And he was successful in this expedition to the Mariana Trench.

However, Rolex devised a unique watch that was robust enough to combat the enormous pressure under the water, merely to stir the mission of Cameron. To commemorate the success of the expedition, the watchmaker launched the D-Blue dial edition of this Sea-Dweller Deepsea.

The watch flaunts a black-to-blue dial in a gradient colour style that reminisce the sea. Also, it shows the text “Deepsea” engraved in vibrant green.

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