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Make a Logo Easily Online with DesignEvo

How to make a logo is one of the most searched questions on Google. And in this post, I want to talk to you about this topic. It is too important not to have all the information you need before doing this.

A brand image should be made by someone who controls the subject because it is not just a drawing. It is your visual identity. The image will become the flagship of your business.

With it, you will have to transmit to the world all those things that your business is. And with it,  you will have to capture your target audience.

If this work is not well done, you will not reach who you owe, and your brand values will not be understood. Surely you already know this, but it is good to remember it. In this article, I’ll share you with an easy-to-use logo designer who both designers and non-designers. It is called DesignEvo.

DesignEvo is a great program for non-designers. That is to say, even if you have little knowledge of design or you don’t have any technical skills, it doesn’t matter to create a logo easily and appealing.

What is it about?

Design Your Logo Online
Design Your Logo Online

DesignEvo is a simple application in which you can choose different elements to design your logo in an expressway. You can use different background colors to achieve a design that you find attractive. The available options are very striking, and you can achieve a beautiful logo easily.

When you create a logo in DesignEvo, you can make a logo from its 10,000+ preset templates, including education logo, bodybuilding logo, travel logo, gaming logo, letter logo, sports logo, beauty logo, etc. It includes dozens of different categories for you to browse and pick the ideal template. Or you can search a keyword to get a quick desired logo. But if you already have an idea in mind, you can just make your own logo from scratch without a template.

As it provides millions of icons and many preset shapes in this app, you can replace the icon in the default template then manipulate these elements flexibly to adapt them to the essence of your product. You don’t have to worry that the logo design has nothing to do with your brand, its values, and its personality.

How to make a logo unique

How to make a logo unique
How to make a logo unique

Your business needs something that sets it apart. Not in vain do companies use many resources and staff to create products, packaging, campaigns, etc., that make them unique and distinguish them from the competition.

Since DesignEvo offers great extend to manually adjust the text, color, icon, and the position of each element, your logo won’t look similar to designs in your area.

When you design, for example, a bodybuilding logo, you can change the icon, color, add a company name, slogan, background, adjust the logo style, typeface, and many other settings to make your logo stand out from the thousands of brands.

How to make a logo of high quality?

There is another element that you should consider. When you design a logo from an app, you do it from pixels, the small colored squares that you can see if you zoom in on an image. What does that mean? That your logo should always measure that exact amount of squares to look good without deforming. Whether you make the logo bigger or smaller, it will lose its aesthetic shape.

This may not interest you because you do not intend to resize the image. But surprise! Each device has a different resolution, so the same image looks different on your phone and your friends’ phones. It will look different on a computer or tablet, and so on.

In addition, it is possible that over time you want to start using your logo on your packaging, uniforms, business cards, promotional products, among others. When you do, it will inevitably resize, and the image will be warped.

For your logo to look good on any screen and be applicable to different objects, you’d better download it in vector format in DesignEvo.

My opinion

Designing your logo from scratch may sound cumbersome. If a program can help you design a logo unique with your personal touch and in high quality, what’s more, very easy to use, why not check it out?

DesignEvo is such a great way to make a logo online easily. I found it for almost 2 years ago. I use it to make images for all of my social media platforms with its free plan. So far, so good. Have you ever used this tool? If not, come to use it to tell the story of your company and convey what your brand stands for.

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