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Today, if you are living in a society, then people of your community will be certain that you have a digital footprint. Well, everyone does have an online presence these days, and we can see how much it affects our career. Online reputation is crucial especially for our grooming kids as it may bring more career opportunities in the future for them. Their friends or classmates can leave a positive review of the posts, and it can be beneficial for their future time or to be the right applicant for the golden opportunity. But our youth does not understand how to behave online and what they should share with online friends. Indeed, this is crucial for our students to build a positive online reputation, and here, parents can help them by managing their online presence. 

Let’s find out what online reputation is and how to manage it for a student to land on the right track in the future. 

Online Reputation – What it is?

Online Reputation refers to the reputation of a person or a brand on social networking sites or other digital platforms. This reputation forms by interacting and responding with the other web users on social networking sites. 

How to Manage Online Reputation for Students?

Well, our younger generation does not take this issue seriously and ruin their online presence by sharing personal stuff and other things. Sometimes, they get exposure to sexual predators and get harmed. 

1 – Go Online with Privacy Settings

When a user joins social media platforms, he/she should know about the privacy settings. Hackers can leak personal information, but today, every platform, including Facebook, etc. provides the privacy setting option. A user must enable the privacy setting while joining the social media platform. It can save from many potential dangers. You should update your social media privacy setting by checking the profile from time to time.

2 – Don’t Mix Personal Information with Career

Using a social media profile allows a user to interact with different kinds of people online. This does not refer that you should also add your studies or other career details to your personal social media profile. A user should not post personal events with professional contacts to avoid emerging private information with professionals. 

3 – Take Charge of Your Kid’s Online Reputation – Android Spyware

Our youth does take an online reputation for granted, but parents can help them to manage online presence using the android spy app. Yes, such spy software helps to track online activities and gives complete access to social media profiles. Installing third-party apps lets the end-user to get screenshots or real-time access to the target phone screen. By checking their social networking activities, parents can take action if they are sharing too much personal stuff and make them stop by taking actions remotely. 


Our young students can use social networking sites to avail of good career opportunities. For example, they can share their work interest, leadership experiences, special program skills, etc. If we talk about LinkedIn, kids can post their assignments, researches, etc. that can lead them to better future jobs. Using android spy apps, parents can make the kids do positive things on the internet and help them build a positive online reputation. This way, our youth can also prevent cyber safety issues, the less they share personal stuff on the internet, the fewer chances they get to exposure to cyber threats. 

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