Manga Stream and Its Categories

Manga is a popular comic originating from Japan. Enriched with Japanese art and culture, manga has won the hearts of many across the world. Mangastream used to be the go-to website for the fans to read manga online. But all good things come to an end, so did MangaStream. Even though it was the leading site about manga comics, the website is not available anymore.

How to read manga:

Manga images surround us. Its style has become so ubiquitous that we seldom stop to consider the origins and meaning of the characters; often not realising that there is a rich language of story recits has lurking behind every manga graphic, as redolent in symbolism as a Renaissance masterpiece.

Reading manga:

The traditional way of reading manga stories is from right to left and from top to bottom, in the same way in Japanese writing. The narrative is contained within frames called Koma. While reading mangastream pages, you start with the Koma in the top right-hand corner and you end with the Koma in the bottom left-hand corner.

These are the elements used to build up a manga story including manpu, fukidashi, and gitaigo. While reading manga pages, it requires the ability to interpret symbols, decipher overlapping text and images, understand cultural references, and appreciate differences in storytelling between countries.

Why is mangastream so special?

Mangastream has been so popular for the special features it has. The UI or the user interface is quite smooth. It is easily usable by manga lovers of different age groups. Moreover, the efficient search bar makes the whole manga experience very easy and comfortable. There is hardly any website to compete with mangastream’s bank of manga content. They have remained the pioneer for many years and have constantly helped the manga community to grow.

What are the website features of mangastream?

No-matter what site are you searching for but the basic guidelines for your selection will be the same. So whether you are looking for a movie site or a manga site, the outlook of the website will be the key objective.

What are the categories of mangastream?

Though the definition of the category can be termed into a broader concept if you browse according to the knowledge of some of these technical terms, then you will be able to have a soothing experience. However, these websites mainstream is down for some reason. Nevertheless, other similar related websites have come up with similar facilities that facilitate easy reading of manga comics.

1. Genres based comics

Comics are an amalgamation of stories and graphics, so here also you will get various styles. Unlike movies, they also have plots and characters so apart from watching videos, you will be reading so you will have to make your choice among the different genres.

  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. Adult
  4. Action
  5. Adventure

2. Alphabetical directory

It would help if you had a preface or an index for a book similarly this alphabetical directory will also help you to search for your manga depending on the alphabetical preferences.

3. Mangas based on popularity

You will be able to cast your rating according to your wish. Similarly, many manga comics are listed according to the demand of the readers. This particular category will help the new readers; If you don’t have an idea about mangas or you are unable to make your preference, then you can refer to the most popular ones.

4. Latest release

If you are a manga lover, then you will always wait for the next episode so the latest version will always be on their to-do search list. The thrill will remain within the reader is still high, so the latest release search bar or the category is the most searched one as there happens to be a competition among the different websites as well as to which site has the latest released contents.


These are the great things still occurring in our crazy world. It translated the Japanese comics into several different languages, the key source of these were the fans and consumers of manga comics who enjoy.

Mangastream was a site for manga comic writers. There are several really popular MangaStream substitution/alternative websites with many popular apps write for us.

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