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Importance of Worship of the Marble Shiva Statue in the Holy month of Sawan 2020 | Hindu God Idols

Sawan is one of the most awaited months in the calendar of Hindus. This generally is observed during July and August. Savan is especially relevant to Lord Shiva. It is believed that worshipping him during this time of the year would help the devotees seek the blessings. In this Swan Month, many Shiva devotees worship Lord Shiva. In this Month, Hindu God Idols are worshiped well in every temple by devotees.

During the time of Sawan, people wake up early in the morning, observe fast and go to temples regularly. There is also a common custom of ‘Solah Somwar’ in which people observe sixteen consecutive Mondays fast. This is done to impress Lord Shiva and pray for a suitable spouse. It is done in front of Hindu God Idols in the temple.

This holy month of the year is the significance of the devoted prays for Lord Shiva. This custom has been followed for thousands of years since it was intact in the Hindu Vedas and Puranas.

Which is the Best Time to Placed Shiva Statue |Hindu God Idols

Thus, Sawan is the best time to welcome a perfectly Placed Marble Shiva Statue in your home and worship it with all your heart. Basically Marble God Statues increase Surely, the dedication of the devotees is waiting for the wonders in the future. Pick one of the finest quality of the Hindu God Idols from Sai Shradha Moorti Art. Explore the exclusive collection of Indian Marble Statues that are ready to spark your corner of the house.

We worship Savan with our whole heart but most of us are unaware of why such custom has started in the first place.

At the time of Gods and Demons, it was decided to churn the ocean or Samudra Mantra to decide who is more powerful and stronger among them to get Amrit from the ocean. It is believed along with the Amrit, Poison, or ‘Halahala’ was also developed on its way that has the potential to destroy the whole world. Then, Lord Shiva saved the world by drinking all the poison. Since then, Lord Shiva is worshipped during this time showing the gesture of gratitude for saving the world.

How to Worship:

In the month of Savan, people do fasting to get fruitful future and desires. People also visit temples regularly and chant Maha Mrutyunjay Mantra. As Rudraksha has its significance in the Hindu culture, thus, people also do wear Rudraksha. And the mixture of Ghee, Milk, Gangajal, and honey is offered to the statue of Lord Shiva. During the Somwar Vrata on Mondays, Katha is recited in front of Hindu God Idols and it is filled with the Lord shiva’s journey of life.

In the holy month of the year, certain things are prohibited in the Hindu custom as they are considered impure. These are some of the things such as drinking alcohol in the month of Savan. Also, most of the people do not shave during the time. People are strictly stick to vegetarian food and also, use of garlic is avoided. Some people also do avoid using the onions in the food. Other eatables such as brinjal and eggplant are also avoided as these are considered impure.

In the course of Sawan month, devotees are dedicated worshiping Lord Shiva for prosperity, success, and marriage. Welcome, Marble God Statues in such auspicious time and worship truly.

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