Direct Method to Break a Single PST File into Multiple Parts

For all users, splitting an Outlook PST file is now required.

Everyone who keeps important information in PST files, be it personal or professional, fears losing such information. As a result, users are prepared to generate additional PST files and divide PST files into smaller portions. Users’ data can be harmed by the large PST file, and they can eventually lose access to all of their data. It is recommended that users go swiftly through this process to limit the possibility of data corruption.


Outlook is the primary tool used by small, medium, and big businesses to store important data. Since the company stores data regularly, file or data management is essential. One must trust the process and select the appropriate approach for the task to start the splitting process. Users can find it difficult to divide a PST file into manageable portions, but in the article that follows, we’ll provide an incredible application that will make this job simple and problem-free for users to start.

Which Advantages Do PST File Splits Offer?

These days, it’s not uncommon to have a huge PST file. Most users encounter this problem, whether working on personal or commercial projects. Users continue to save their data in PST files and must accept the Outlook PST file size, which poses a problem for them going forward. Users can review the benefits of dividing a PST file listed below. Both technical and non-technical users will be able to complete the work using this Outlook PST file, which is an excellent utility. When selecting a tool, users must exercise extreme caution because certain free programs can damage their data inadvertently.

  • Outlook’s performance will be enhanced by splitting the PST files; users find it challenging to retrieve their emails and other data when the PST files are too large.
  • Smaller PST files are simpler for users to back up than larger Outlook PST files. Users will have a lower risk of data loss while using compact PST files.
  • It is well known that users with huge PST files can experience corruption and lose access to their data thereafter. Users must divide the PST file into tiny portions as soon as possible.
  • Users can simply move their little PST files from one machine to another and share them with others.
  • Companies use Outlook PST to store their emails and other data. Thus, users can better manage their emails with the aid of Outlook PST files.

What Methods Exist for Splitting PST Files?

The manual approach and the expert third-party tool are the two approaches to starting this dividing procedure. Users can select the approach that best suits them for the assignment. The manual technique is a traditional approach to job commencement that requires sufficient time to complete the work. Because it offers immediate results, consumers choose to divide PST files in Outlook using the professional tool. Users need to select a reliable tool for the job.

Which Tool Works Best For the Job?

One of the best programs,MailvitaSplit PST Software for Mac, is recommended for users to use to start the operation. This tool will assist users in completing the work and guide the way. Users are interested in learning about the software’s many special features. Therefore, review its characteristics before using this tool to start the work. The app can work with all Windows OS and MAC OS versions whether it’s new or old.

  • Its extremely basic graphical user interface makes the process straightforward.
  • To divide the PST files by year, size, date, and folder, there are four choices available.
  • PST files can be divided using the utility without any size restrictions.
  • Different PST files for different periods can be produced by it.
  • After the work is finished, the tool will provide the entire report so that one can review each step.
  • Without any issues, this tool can also divide an Outlook PST file that is password-protected.
  • Large PST files can be divided concurrently with ease and fluidity with this program.
  • All versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows operating systems are compatible with this utility.

In Summary,

Users are advised to attempt the aforementioned program, which is a reputable third-party tool if they are prepared to divide PST files. This software is reliable as it ensures users that their data is properly secured. It is a global platform that consumers can readily access around the clock. To provide users with a thorough understanding of the tool and its operation, a free trial version of the program is offered.

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