Metzeler or Michelin tyres? Which brand would you choose for your KTM bike?

Ever thought why people are so obsessed with KTM bikes? That’s mostly because of the well-balanced and powerful machine it has under the hood, the way it performs on hardcore off-roads containing dirt and mud, its agile handling on the street as well as through difficult terrains. Thanks to the versatile tires that are specially designed for KTM bikes, providing maximum traction on the tarmac as well as on off-roads. Is this your first dirt bike? Or Are you planning to replace the old one with a new tyre? People often remain confused and clueless about whether to pick Metzeler tyres or go for Michelin tyres. Based on the terrain you ride, and your usage, this post is going to help you know which type of tyres suits the best for KTMs. Read on to find out:

Michelin pilot street Radial

These are so far “the best all-round tyre” rated by many of the drivers. The tyre performs well in almost everything you throw at it. From helping you to corner well, perform much better in all-terrain roads and conditions, provide total stability at high speed and withstand every obstacle, Michelin pilot street Radial has proved to be one of the most versatile tyres so far. The best part of this tyre is that it lasts longer than any of the other brands while providing an excellent grip. Moreover, these tyres are specially designed for the bikers who love to ride with joy and feel confident in bikes on any weather conditions or situations. Are you looking for a tyre that would be best suited for your everyday ride, touring and track riding? Then, Michelin Pilot is the one!

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Metzeler Tourance:

Do you own KTM 390? Then pick up Metzeler Tourance without giving it a second thought. These Metzeler tire series are constructed with thick groove depth combined with carbon black, silica compound, the latest generations of resins, and other reinforcement agents. This combination guarantees to provide the tire with a higher level of fuel economy, durability, great grip in both paved roads as well as harsh off-road terrains. Furthermore, the grooves are designed in such a way that they allow the tyres to channel the water away from the surface providing high resistance to aquaplaning.

Have you ever wondered what could be the price of such tyres, that: leech to the tarmac, help you a lot while attacking corners, let you lean even more, at the same time bringing your confidence to do even more? It’s huge! And to avoid that just step into ZDEGREE and experience the difference in terms of quality, originality, variety, pricing, and customer service.

Get the best value and the best service with ZDEGREE!

Shop this multiskilled Metzeler tyre from ZDEGREE – the one and only tyre station in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to provide you with the original brand and the same model at a very competitive rate. Not just that, they give you “the best price match promise” wherein if you find a lower price on the same bike tire from a competitor’s website in the UAE, ZDEGREE is simply going to match the price on the spot.

Besides having Metzeler bike tires, ZDEGREE brings before you the finest car tyre brands under one roof. Whether you are searching for a value brand or looking for a premium product, ZDEGREE comes up with frequent offers and exciting deals to remain competitive in the tyre industry as well as to suit your budget.

With ZDEGREE, get the best tyre brands with ultimate convenience

Whether you choose Metzeler bike tires or Michelin, you can always purchase tyres online, no matter wherever you are in the UAE. ZDEGREE has a unique way of reaching to their customers. Just one call at 04 3105600 / 800 933 4733 and the team arrives at your doorstep with mobile van service to deliver you the tires you have selected for your KTM. They are in fact a well-known service centre for having experienced and skilled technicians to provide you with quality components and high-end equipment. From tire installing, balancing, aligning, to puncture repairing, and air filling, the team does it all. ZDEGREE is focused to provide customers with tyres that corner precisely, stops safely, and copes with varying driving conditions. Therefore, they always keep stock of genuine tyres with the manufacturer’s warranty on it. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with them right now and give your favorite KTM bike a pair of versatile tyres.

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