Mobile App Analytics: Tracking and Optimizing

Mobile app analytics helps you as a mobile app development company to understand the ability of your application to interact with mobile devices under various situations, loads, and possibilities. The analytics are basically how the mobile application will perform on any device. To understand the performance it is very important to understand the factors like server, device, network, and the development of the application. To optimize any application’s performance it is important to define its Key Performance Indicators. These KPIs are development strategies that help you get a detailed insight into your application’s overall progress.

In this article, we will discuss KPIs that will help you monitor your Mobile Applications Performance.

The major KPIs

  1. User growth rate

It tells you about the growth in the user base. It tells you how many people are users. It calculates by taking the difference between the current month’s and the last month’s total users and dividing it by the previous month’s total.

  1. Mobile downloads

If you want to track the popularity of your application and how many people are downloading your application on how many devices. It will help you and this is a reliable one as it represents the numbers very efficiently and smoothly.

  1. Add install

Many times people download the application but they failed to install or complete the process of installation. So it is very important to note how many people have downloaded it and how many people have installed your application.

  1. App Uninstalled

It will help you understand how your user database is. It is very important for you to have an intact user base and to maintain it. This will help you keep track of the uninstall applications or the number of devices. Also, it helps you to understand the reason behind the uninstallation and this will help you to correct any errors.

  1. App registrations

Whenever someone installs an app, it is important to register for that application. This registration helps you collect user data and optimize it. Also, it helps with social media campaigns and future market upgrades.

  1. App subscription

If you offer any new content to the users this particular KPI helps you track how many people have subscribed or signed up. If you take the example of Netflix, it is very clear Netflix has a subscription model which they optimize using this type of KPI to understand the number of users or subscribers it has.

  1. App crash

Whenever you create an application it is very important to understand how many times or how frequently your application is crashing. If this happens very often, it will influence the user journey. So it is very necessary for you as a user to enhance your mobile app performance. This particular KPI helps you understand the cause of the crash so that you can work on it to make it better.

  1. Add upgrades

This type of KPI represents the number of upgrades and it will help you to plan application or maintenance services. You must identify which users are using the basic version and how many users have upgraded to the newer version.

  1. Retention Rate.

You need to know how many users are coming back to your application in a particular period and how many people have bounced off your application. This KPI decides through positive implications for the growth and the revenue of the application in the future.

  1. Total sessions

The KPI shows the data of the people who visit the app daily, monthly, or in a particular period. It helps you understand the popularity of our application. Basically the higher the sessions, the more user engagement, and that is what we need at the end of the day.

Tips for a developer

  1. Define your goals, you need to define your purpose and goal of creating the application. You need to define, What problems your apps solve? Who would you target? Answers to these types of questions will shape and grow your app development process.
  2. Choosing the right platform, like whether you want to create an application for Android, iOS, or both. Every platform has its different languages, tools, and frameworks. To choose the right platform, you can go through the facts like the target audience, budget, etc.
  3. Selection of development tools, it can be overwhelming for a developer to choose from a wide range of tools that are available in the industry. From back-end services to integrated development environments to cross-platform development, there is a wide choice among these three and the services these provide.


These are some basic KPIs that are used by vile app development companies or developers individually. This helps our businesses and also defines how you can monitor your application. The reason why one should monitor the application is that most businesses user satisfaction to analyze the customer experience and improve it accordingly. So this is one of the major factors why you must analyze and optimize your application performance. Make sure that the application you have created for a business should not be slow or have low performance. People will bounce up, so make sure to create good applications and keep a check on the performance of the application.

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