7 Modern Ways to Style Your Everyday Ethnic Kurtis

Kurtas are one of the most comfortable types of ethnic wear for women in the fashion industry. You don’t require a fashion expert to understand that styling daily wear Kurtis is not a big deal for women. The fashion industry is full of various accessories women can use to style their Kurtis. It is the most versatile piece of ethnic wear that goes well with everything. Today, we are going to learn about stylish ways of wearing everyday Kurtis of different fabrics. But first, let us understand the need for the modern styling of Kurtis.

What is The Need For Styling Kurtis in a Modern Way?

You must have had the feeling that the way you style your Kurtis every day has become very boring. These days, many stylish designer prints of Kurtis have come onto the market. Moreover, making a pair with a different bottom wear, footwear, or accessories like jewellery, can take your outfit one step further.

After all, every woman wishes to stand out from the crowd and look the most beautiful in the room. Therefore, we have researched a few ways of styling everyday ethnic Kurti in a modern way. So, here we go with the seven ways which will help you in getting a fashionable look.

7 Ways of Styling Your Everyday Ethnic Kurti in a Modern Way

Make Your Feet Feel Comfortable with Amazing Footwear

The latest fashion trend is wearing an outfit of the daily wear cotton Kurtis and jeans along with matching sneakers. If you are looking to make a pair for the daily office wear kurtis or everyday wear, pair it up with any sports shoes. They will provide comfort to your feet and are good for easy movement.

Matching heels would look wonderful if you plan to wear a cotton Kurti set to any cultural event Your footwear is the first thing that anybody notices in another person, so make sure you wear the right one with your ensemble.

Make Your Statement with Shining Earrings

What type of earrings a woman is wearing speaks a lot about their personality. As a result, if you wish to give your old way of wearing Kurti a twist, select your earrings carefully. You would want to make a bossy statement by your outfit while entering your workplace. So, you can try on hoop earrings that are neither too big nor too small.

On the other hand, for everyday styling, oxidised silver earrings are workable. However, shiny and attractive silver or gold earrings are a must if it is a wedding or any occasion.

Pick the Right Fabric

Not every Kurti of every fabric is suitable for wearing at any place. If you want to look stylish at all or any specific place, wearing the perfect outfit is necessary. Obviously, you cannot wear regular cotton Kurtis at your friend’s mehendi function.

You would need a designer floor-length Anarkali Kurti in silk or chanderi fabric with matching jewellery and a dupatta. On the contrary, the regular ones would work for everyday wear at home. For the workplace, you can opt for a Khadi Kurti set with matching heels for a complete outfit.

Complete the Outfit With Ethnic Bottom Wear

Ethnic Kurtis is of many types and pair well with different ethnic bottom wear. The daily wear cotton Kurtis are of different lengths resulting in multiple outfit ideas. A short Kurti with dhoti pants is an amazing idea for any cultural event or wedding occasion.

Talking about the workplace, pairing your everyday Kurti with straight pants would be an interesting fusion of ethnic and formal wear. For your everyday routine, you can make a desi outfit by pairing a daily wear Kurti with jeans.

Flaunt Your Expensive Designer Jewellery

From traditional golden jewellery to oxidised jewellery from the streets, they are a great way of styling everyday Kurtis. There is nothing that beats a combination of traditional jewellery with an Anarkali Kurti suit set for a wedding.

While heading to the office, you can style your everyday Kurti with a beautiful oxidised silver necklace and bracelet. The nose pin is also a part of the jewellery, which is ideal for styling with your everyday Kurti. It is these beautiful accessories that help in getting a modern look for everyday ethnic wear.

Carry a Designer Dupatta For a Picture-Perfect Outfit

Dupatta is essential to making your everyday ethnic Kurti suit sets look modern and picture-perfect. If you feel that you have tried every combination of Kurti suits, then try this one. Pair your simple, elegant, short-length Kurti with a long skirt and an embroidered net dupatta.

It is the perfect combination you can style at any wedding occasion with your everyday Kurti. Moreover, when wearing an ethnic Kurti suit set to the workplace, you can style a dupatta around the neck.

Level Up Your Fashion Game With a Jacket

During the winter season, it becomes difficult to wear Kurtis. However, we found a perfect solution to this problem. Wearing your jacket over Kurtis can bring out the most versatile look you ever wore.

For example, a floor-length shrug open from the front over an Anarkali set would be a warm modern ethnic outfit for you. For style at the office, a regular shrug would do the job with a combination of daily wear Kurtis with jeans.


It is very important to keep up with the latest trends in the fashion industry. Wearing regular ethnic Kurtis in a modern style can fulfill the urge to look the most beautiful in the room. Therefore, we decided to take the burden off your shoulders by listing seven modern ways of styling your everyday Kurtis.

After all, every woman deserves to give their ethnic outfit a modern look. So, whether for the office, any occasion, or regular wear, use these ideas for a modern-ethnic look.

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