Moving Hacks to Make Your Move Easier

When you hear the word “moving”, usually there are two ideas that come to your mind. One is the romantic one going to new places and settling in new neighborhoods. The other one is not so pleasant. It is about sorting, packing, and transporting important goods and making sure nothing is left behind.

In reality, moving is a little bit about both.

When you are moving, the best way to do it is to hire professional movers who have ample experience and expertise in the field. Even if you have some experience, it is best to leave the tough ones with the pros.

Even if you hire a moving company, there is so much that you need to do yourself and this post is all about it. We will share some extraordinary hacks that will help you in getting the best moving in servicesfor your destination.

Trash Bag + Hangers = Magic

You are not alone if you are dreading closets full of clean and ironed clothes. Apparently, there is a simple and easy way to pack and transport these clothes without going through much trouble.

Tools you need:

  • Rubber bands
  • Hangers
  • Trash bags

Bind around ten to fifteen hangers with a rubber band. Then, put a hole at the bottom of the trash bag and then pass the hooks of those hangers from that hole. When all the clothes are tucked in, close the open end of the bag with a knot.

Open First Box

If you put all the things in closed boxes, you are going to have a nightmarish first night at your new destination.

The best way to avoid any inconvenience is by having an open “first box”. This is the box that will carry all the essential items that will come in handy when you arrive there.

In a typical “open first” box, you should have;

  • Toilet Papers
  • Paper Towels
  • Scissors
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, & Towels
  • Hygienic Pads
  • Sleeping Dress
  • Dress For The Next Day

Before Moving Out Comes Purgatory

The dramatic title should not scare you away. In other words, it is about decluttering your house before you call the moving out services.

This helps you in;

  • Paying less for the transit.
  • Having no clutter around at your new place.

So, it is a step that is worth taking. Of course, many would find it hard to do because almost every other thing had a story attached to it. But you will find plenty of time in making new memories in your new house.

Use Coverings For Packing Fragile Items

When you go to the market to buy standard packing utilities like papers and bags, you will find that it will cost you much that it could serve the purpose.

Is there a way around it? Yes!

You can use your towels, sheets, etc. to give cushioning to your things that are prone to breakage. For instance, you got to have bowls, glassware, candles, chinaware in your goods. Instead of buying expensive packaging, use the above-mentioned items to make them travel-ready.

Make Your Bed First

When you move into your new house, the first thing you should do is to make your bed. Spread the sheets and fluff the pillows even if you have no idea of crashing.

This helps in two things;

  • The instant you make your bed, it helps you in realizing that this is indeed your new home.
  • Even at first, you are not into sleeping, soon you will. Then, you will be lucky to find a ready bed.

Small Boxes

When you go for small boxes, you do not need to engage more people with you in carrying the boxes. Also, with fewer goods in them, they are less likely to break.

These were some of the practical hacks that will help you in moving in a seamless and hassle-free manner. So, make sure you stick to them to avoid any inconvenience at all!

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