Open Google Takeout Files on Android – Simple Way to Do it!

The Google Takeout is an exceptional service provided by Google for backing up and archiving your data from your Google account. This is compatible with both the platforms, i.e, Windows or Android. This service enables you to download all your files from other Google services like Gmail, Drive or Google Photos, that too in a single file. However, after you download the data, you might face the issue of how to open google takeout files on android. Therefore, we have brought you this technical blog where we will walk you through the steps for opening the Google Takeout files.

Why Learn – How to View Takeout File in MBOX format?

  • Platform Independence: The MBOX is a highly compatible format that can be used on various Email clients and OS that includes Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.
  • Data Migration: If you need to switch between Email clients then, having your data in the MBOX format can be really helpful.
  • Backup & Recovery: Having all your data in the MBOX format can be a great backup option as it is manageable, easy to use and compatible with a bunch of email clients. So, to make this happen it is imperative to know how to open Google Takeout Files.
  • Offline Access: Having the data in MBOX format will let you access the data even if you are offline or if you have unstable internet connection.
  • Reduced Dependency on Email Clients: If you have your data in the MBOX format then, you won’t be dependent on a single Email client.

How to View Takeout file on Android – Steps!

  1. On your Android device, login your google account.
  2. Go to Google Takeout.
  3. All the files are check-marked by default, “deselect all”.
  4. Scroll down to the “Mail” option and check-mark that.
  5. Click on the “Next step” button.
  6. Now, you have to select the file destination, update frequency, File type and the File Size for export purposes.
  7. Hit on, “Create export” button to begin the export process of how to open Google Takeout Files.
  8. After the export process has been finished, you’ll receive your .ZIP file in your email.

After extracting the files, you’ll see that all the extracted files are in the MBOX format. Now, you might be thinking how to open Google Takeout files on Android? Let us look at the solution in the next section.

How to View Takeout File in MBOX format?

To do this we can utilize these two free online tools from the house of FreeFileViewers.
Both the Google Takeout Viewer and the MBOX Viewer can be used in these scenarios. These are the state of the art solutions that lets you resolve the issue of how to open Google Takeout Files at no cost whatsoever!
These are free-online tools that are trusted and utilized by the industry leaders and based on their reviews and performances, we would like to recommend them to you as well.
Let us look at the working of these tools now!

  1. Both these tools work in the exact same manner.
  2. First, you have to visit their respective webpages.
  3. Then, you have to drag & drop or select the MBOX file that you have exported from the Google Takeout.
  4. Immediately after dropping them in the interface, you’ll have access to these files. You’ll also be able to view its content.
  5. You’ll be able to access the attachments as well, you’ll just have to download them in your local systems.

Advantages of Using these Software to Open the Google Takeout Files

  • User friendly: These free online tools have a very simple and easy to use interface. That makes it easy for the users to view the Google Takeout files or the MBOX files in general.
  • Fast Processing: These solutions provide instantaneous results with accuracy, making them very efficient tools to use during the process of ‘how to open Google Takeout Files?’
  • Data Integrity: Your data’s folder structure or formatting is not at all disrupted while processing the data. This protects the data integrity of the files and makes them a reliable solution.
  • No file size limit: There is no cap on the size of the file it will work on. Whatever MBOX data you have can be processed through these tools.


This was it folks! Through this technical blog you have learnt how to open google takeout files with the help of the tools from FreeFileViewers. This provides a very simple and easy way to view your Google Takeout Data. Now, you can easily access the MBOX files even if you do not have a compatible client for it!

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