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Is that question popping in your mind “How to open password protected file” That is not just a case with you it is the most searched question by users who have locked PDF and looking for a way to unlock PDF without a password.

PDFs have widespread users in the world of digitalized structures where everything is shared with the use of the internet. PDF emerged as a piece of paper to share relevant information between the users. Let’s find ways if it gets locked.

Follow the Steps to Open Password Protected PDF File

The Adobe Acrobat DC program is an option for those who want to successfully remove a PDF password. By following the steps listed below, Adobe customers were able to modify the limitations and enable it to open.

1. Run the Adobe software and click on the “File tab”.
2. You will have various options in the drop-down menu, select “Properties”.
3. Select “security tab”.
4. After that choose “No Security” from the security dialog.
5. Remember to “enter your password” in the prompt.
6. Close the alert box and go forward to complete the process by pressing the “OK” button.

Other Ways to Open Password-Protected PDF File

If you don’t have access to Adobe, you can continue using these trustworthy techniques instead of feeling like you’re wasting money since Adobe is more expensive. You can also try your luck using safe, free techniques that manage the integrity of your data.

Microsoft Word to Unsecure PDF

Microsoft Word is the leading document creator in the world and if are talking about that it supports unlocking PDFs from restrictions, so yes it is versed in editing and if you put a PDF file into it, it will convert it into an editable document, let’s follow the process for Word to convert the secured PDF to editable in Word:

  • Open MS world click on, File>Open.
  • It will convert the PDF automatically.
  • Go on editing once it’s coveted.

Use Google Drive

Google Drive is renowned platform to save data files with ample of formats . Google drive are helps user to save their file to get access from multiple palaces with just signing in with their Google account from anywhere in the world. Besides that you can leverage that feature to extract data from a PDF with the OCR (Optimal character recognition) feature. This feature allows user to convert a PDF file to a Word document. Follow process to remove passwords from the PDF:

  • “Open Google Drive” with a Gmail account.
  • Click and “drag the PDF file” in the file browser or click on New > then Upload a file to navigate to the file you want to upload.
  • It will be available in your documents after uploading.
  • Find it on recent uploads documents and open with>Google Docs.
  • Google Drive converts documents automatically.

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Online Third-Party Apps

Use online software to remove restrictions from the PDF but remember that it may pose a security threat to the PDF files so use it if such things don’t impact you.

Features will be Provided

  • Option to remove password and edit PDF.
  • Preview the changes.
  • Change page order.
  • Convert PDF into black and white.

PDF Table Extraction Tools

PDF table extraction could provide great assistance in extracting PDF data. There are Tabula, PdfTables, Docparser, Camelot, and Excalibur as running extraction tools in the market. If your PDF is restricted from copying, then this tool will work as a timesaver. PDF converters like online software sometimes cause problems with accuracy.

Use PDF Password Unlocker

Try out this Revove PDF restriction remover tool, they received over a thousand reviews and that’s why they regarded as a reliable product because of its notable capabilities, which include the ability to eliminate restrictions on printing, copying, editing, and extracting pages from PDFs, among many other things. It supports both master-level password security and the unlocking of PDF files from open passwords. allows several files to be processed in bulk to unlock PDF files.

Step 1. Run this utility, and click on the “Add Files or Add Folder” option.
Step 2. Choose options between “Save or Print” of your converted PDF.
Step 3. Specify the destination of the saving file location and click on the “Unlock” button.
Step 4. Successfully unlocks password-protected PDF files.


Yes, it is possible to remove open password-protected PDF files with the help of effective methods. You don’t need to roam anywhere because we have listed every possible method with its step of using it. Unlock a locked PDF sometimes can be risky if you choose the wrong methods which can lead you to risk your data confidentiality breach.

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