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Parents play a major role in the development of the child as they are the ones from whom a child learns basics things from the day he /she is born. Generally, the child starts knowing his parents when he is in his mother’s womb.

A child’s good mental health starts with how a parent perceives and responds to them.

Children tend to learn what they see in front of them as they are in their development stage. It’s often seen that if a child belongs to a family where there is always a dispute in his /her parents, a child becomes really introverted.  In such cases, chances are the child becomes unable to focus on studies or it is possible that a child can adopt the abusive behavior which he experiences in his daily life. Such children also become a kid who is bully for other children of his age because the child starts to think that is how normal a person behaves.

The thing which makes all this worse is that when parents start to punish the child for this kind of behavior. For example, if a child sees all the fights at home because of which he is always stressed and can’t concentrate on his studies because of which he is unable to get good marks. So rather than noticing why my child is giving poor school performance parents stars giving punishments to the child.

This makes the situation really worse as the child later can go in depression or can get anxiety.

In this scenario two things can happen either the child will adopt the abusive behaviour or he will become a very silent kid.

I can confidently say this because I have gone through the same thing. I am sharing my story to help you understand my point:

My father had a drinking problem because of which he had very abusive behaviour towards my mother.

I was really small when I started noticing his abusive behaviour, so at first, I became a bully and dominating kid who always used to dominate children of my age.

But here my mother played an important role in my life; she made me understand that what I had learned from my father is wrong behavior and which no one should learn.

Yes, I took time to understand that what I have learned from my father is totally wrong but later I managed to change my behaviour.

But what I used to see at home stared bothering me all the time. I was always afraid of my father, I was a good student who always came first but as my father’s behaviour stared getting worse, it impacted me and my school performance. I started getting bad grades!

 Not only grades affected my health as well, but I also started getting high fever when he used to shout on my mother, my hands used to shake.

It became very difficult for me to concentrate on my studies, I was an extrovert but I never told anyone how I was actually feeling.

I never used to call my friends home because I was always afraid of how my father will behave in front of them.

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So this is just an example from my life about how my parents played a vital role in impacting my mental health.

I had a father who had abusive behavior and a mother who always focused on how I should behave, but nobody focussed on what my problem was and how it can be solved.

So from my story, it can be seen that if there is a problem in the family it will affect a child’s mental health. So parents should take care of the family environment and focus on maintaining a healthy environment at home. If at any point of time you find a change in behavior of your child, sit with them, talk with them, and figure out what is actually wrong rather than punishing them.

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