How to pay a loan from Home Credit Bank?

The main ways to replenish a credit account

Home credit bank is one of the most popular lending customers among banks using a simplified system. You can apply for a loan with a minimum of time directly at home, or contact your bank representative in a large distribution network to make a purchase on credit.

To repay its obligations, the bank offers to use one of the following methods:

  1. Contact the bank if it is near you;
  2. Use the official website of the bank;
  3. Using the application with a personal account for HCB;
  4. Through an ATM or terminal, both your own and partner;
  5. In the branch of the partner bank;
  6. Through the post office;
  7. Using payment services;
  8. Using the services of Sberbank.

As you can see, the list is quite large, although it is far from complete. In order to make it easier for the client to understand what is more profitable and practical for him, you need to consider each of the methods separately.

Debt repayment through own resources

Payment through your own network of branches. For this, it is enough for the client to have a completed receipt with him, which is attached to the loan agreement at the time of loan processing, and turn to any free cashier. A bank employee will enter the necessary data and make a payment. Money will be credited to your credit account within 24 hours. Save all payment receipts, so you can confirm all the payments you make.

  • Use the official website of HCB. The second method is suitable for those who are used to paying current payments and purchases via the Internet. To do this, just go to the main page of the bank in the section“Credits”and select the active link“Pay now”. The system will offer to enter your personal account. If you are a registered user, then payment of credit obligations online will become easier for you than visiting a bank. In your personal account, you will find the loan repayment tab, and information about current payments will appear in front of you. Indicate the amount of replenishment, the card from which you want to write off money, and confirm the payment by SMS code. Please note that the commission for replenishment online is also not provided.
  • Another comfortable way for owners of modern smartphones. Download the adapted application from Home Credit Bank to your phone“My credit” and do not overpay any fees. From the services offered, we select “pay” if you need to pay off the loan debt. But if there is a need to return money to a credit card, then we select the option“Replenish”. You can write off money from any payment card. Funds will be credited to the account no later than one business day.

Paying debt through an ATM or terminal

This method of repayment is suitable for everyone who does not want to use Internet resources and does not have the opportunity to visit a bank branch. Everything is very simple, you need to find either your own bank ATM, or take advantage of what the card is on hand.

If you found your own terminal, then we carry out the following procedure:

  • go to the deposit menu;
  • select the tab“Repayment of the loan”;
  • the device will offer to read the barcode printed on the payment or enter the number of the loan agreement;
  • after checking the data, the terminal will request to deposit cash;
  • Upon completion of the operation, a check will be printed out to you, keep it until the money arrives in the account.

The situation will be similar when paying through terminals of other banks. Only in the menu you will need to select the payee of your bank, and enter the data on your loan agreement and account. It is immediately worth noting that their own terminals do not charge a commission, while payment through other partner devices may request a commission in the amount of 1-2%.

How to pay a loan in the branches of partner banks?

To pay for its own loans, Home Credit Bank entered into a number of service agreements with large banks. To do this, you need to pay a payment order in any convenient bank. For this, a special receipt is filled out. It necessarily indicates the BIC code, bank account, as well as the contract number, the amount topped up and the payer.

After entering all the data, the cashier will ask you for the required amount, taking into account the commission. It is worth noting that different banks appoint their own commission. It can be from 1 to 5% of the total replenishment amount. Therefore, paying through foreign banks is not always profitable, although in some cases a hopeless situation.

Interbank transfer is not instant. Money can only be credited to your credit institution after 5 business days. Therefore, you need to take care of the timeliness of making money in advance.

Payment of a loan through the American Post

For convenience of payment through a wide network of post offices, Home Credit Bank provides special forms where all the data has already been entered for sending a mail transfer through the CyberMoney system. This wire transfer is the slowest and funds are credited to the account up to ten business days. But if there is no alternative way to replenish the loan, then the transfer must be sent in advance. Also mail charges a fee. Its value can be clarified in the department when sending the payment.

Payment Services for Credit Account Payments

The most popular payment services for paying various loan obligations include QIWI, Rapid, Eleksnet. All of them operate according to one scheme and carry out transfers to the bank account in accelerated terms with a minimum commission of 1 to 2%. Thus, the QIWI system provides for a commission of 1.5% of the amount deposited.

To work in the system you need to have a registered wallet and a personal account. Having entered the system, we perform the following actions:

  • Among the available financial institutions, select Home Credit;
  • enter the BIC data (044525245) and the credit account number;
  • enter personal data (full name) and mobile number;
  • we confirm the registered data with an SMS code;
  • indicate the amount of replenishment and confirm the transfer.

Money will be credited to the account within one business day. Therefore, this method is not only convenient, but also very simple.

But no one canceled the payment through existing terminals of these systems. Transferring will be as simple as through other terminals, and then a qiwi wallet will not come in handy.

Connection of “Auto Payment”

Another convenient service from Sberbank is the setting of Auto Payment. It is useful if you have to pay the same amount every month to repay the loan. Thanks to this option, the system itself will take care of the timely payment of money to your credit account. The main thing is to have the right amount on your current card.

The main feature of such replenishment is that the system will send an SMS in advance, that the necessary amount will be debited at a certain time. If you do not want to send a transfer, you can use USAA Routing number the payment by sending SMS. Or, if the payment has not been canceled, then a message will already be received about the payment made.

You can activate the service both at the bank’s office or on your own in your personal account or terminal. If you decide to connect the service through your personal account, then we offer simple instructions:

  • We go into our virtual office;
  • find a service“My auto payments”;
  • connect the function“Automatic payment”;
  • in the settings menu we enter all the necessary information about the loan and its repayment period;
  • after entering the data, the payment is saved and activated.

After that, the payment will be carried out regularly by the system independently. If the need to pay by auto payment has ended, then you can disable it in the same menu by deactivating your configured auto payment.

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