Permission for Travel During the Lockdown

Do you also wish to apply for permission to travel during the lockdown? If yes, then we’ve brought to you the exact piece of information that you need. We understand that people are dying to get back to normal life i.e. the pre-pandemic period and travel to the lesser known tourist destinations in India and the world. They’re trying to find out ways of how to be productive in lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic and trying out some fun home date ideas to revive the spark in their love life. But travel is something they’re missing out in this lockdown period.

Staying indoors and not interacting with people are some of the lifestyle mistakes that people are doing. They’re unaware of the fact that how much all this is affecting their brain-power and inculcating the symptoms of depression, in some worse cases. They need to look for a way out and be with their family members and loved ones. And if they’re staying in some other city, it’s time to say hello to your hometown. For this purpose, they need to access permission for travel during the lockdown.

How to access permission for travel during the lockdown?

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, people are hesitating to step out of their houses. Also, there is no certainty that the people they might contact with, are free from the clutches of the deadly virus. However, for certain reasons, if somebody wishes to travel, he needs permission to travel during the lockdown. The reasons might include a medical emergency or some other worst-case scenario for which traveling becomes unavoidable.

The central and state government have made some stringent rules and guidelines for travel across districts, cities, and states. The railways and airlines are lifeless until further orders from the government. However, if somebody with specific reason wishes to travel through cab or personal vehicle, firstly he needs to seek permission from the government authorities.

The permission for travel during lockdown consists of an e-pass issued by the government. One can easily apply for an e-pass for travel both online and offline. For instance, if somebody wishes to travel from Delhi to Uttarakhand then he has to apply for an e-pass from Delhi to Uttarakhand travel. Additionally, the application form has various fields that need to be filled with accurate information. After the fact-checking and validating the information in the form, the government approves the e-pass. An e-pass indicates that you have permission for travel during lockdown for specific reasons.

Checklist before applying for an e-pass

  • Fill in all the details correctly and carefully in the respective columns.
  • Use an active mobile number to receive the OTP for verification.
  • Keep a scanned copy of all the documents required before applying.
  • Once the form is submitted, you’ll get an application reference number to track your application status.
  • The approved e-pass will have your name, phone number, address, validity, and a QR code along with the vehicle number and the e-pass registration number.
  • Keep a soft or hard copy of the pass with you while you travel to show it at the security check post if required.

Further e-pass related announcement

The new rules given by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has advanced a nitty gritty arrangement with regards to how different exercises could be opened one after the other. The central government has likewise engaged state governments to choose about red, orange, and green zones. The govt has emphasized that strict restrictions will proceed in regions set apart as Covid-19 red and regulation zones. However, the administration further has decided to smooth out the online framework that issues these e-passes. Another format for online e-passes is probably going to be imparted to each state government to make such a procedure quick and effortless.

In the recent announcement of lockdown 5, Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), declared, “No restriction on inter-State and intra-State movement of persons and goods. No separate permission/ approval/ e-permit would be required for such movements. However, if a State/ UT, based on reasons of public health and its assessment of the situation, proposes to regulate the movement of persons, it would give wide publicity in advance regarding the restrictions to be placed on such movement, and the related procedures to be followed.”

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