How Parents Can Pick the Perfect Laptop for a College Graduation Gift

Has your adult child graduated from college, and you find yourself struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea? A graduation gift should be something special, something that is useful and something they will appreciate. This is exactly why a laptop can act as the perfect gift. Regardless of what their future career holds, a laptop can come in handy. But what’s the best one to purchase?

Let’s look at some simple tips you can use when you shop for the ideal laptop for your adult child’s graduation gift.

What Will the Laptop Be Used For?

You can begin by determining what the laptop will be used for. Is the intent to use the laptop for their job, for entertainment, browsing the internet, or maybe even for gaming? Whatever the answer is it will help determine the best style of laptop and the specs to look for. It will instantly narrow down the options, making the search process much easier.

What Size Screen Is Best?

The screen size should also heavily factor into the purchase decision. Today there is a wide range of sizes from small compact models to larger ones. Usually, the best option is to go with something in the middle such as a 15″ screen. This tends to be an all-round decent pick that allows them to use it for work, streaming, and gaming. These Lenovo devices show just how varied the screen size options are nowadays.

The Battery Lifespan Ensures Mobility

Does your adult child plan on using their laptop on the go? This is, after all, the biggest selling point in purchasing a laptop. You can only be as mobile as the battery allows, which means look for a model that has an impressive battery lifespan between charges. They shouldn’t have to be worried about their laptop dying at the worst possible moment. So, what’s considered good in terms of battery life? Look for one that offers nine hours or more.

You may also want to pick up a portable power bank to gift with the laptop. This allows them to charge on the go without having to find a power source.

What About the Popular 2-in-1 Laptops?

You may also come across 2-in-1 laptop models and wonder who they are meant for. These have a bend-back or may be detachable. The idea is that they can be used as traditional laptops or more portable and lightweight tablets. It goes back to how they will be using the device and what makes sense for their needs.

The Processor Can Cause Some Confusion

Finally, there is the processor which is essentially the brain of the device. Again, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. Generally speaking, there is probably no need for the top-of-the-line most advanced CPU, but you also don’t want to pick one that can’t handle the tasks and is obsolete within the year. Experts tend to suggest opting for at least the Intel Core i5 or higher.

If you want to gift your adult child with the ultimate college graduation gift, a laptop is the perfect way to go.

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