Plastic, Rubber & Foam Playground: Which is the Best?

Sliding, Jumping, Hopping, and Crawling! Outdoor playgrounds for kids are a blast. Having fun, playing with friends, exercising, and developing large and fine motor skills are some of the activities performed on playgrounds. All types of learning (emotional, social, motor, and cognitive) can be enhanced by play, specifically free play in playgrounds. However, if you live in a climate with long winters, endless rain, and hot summer, outdoor playgrounds are off-limits for a long time period.

This is where Indoor Playground Flooring comes in mind. Right from home and corporate daycare centers, churches, airports, shopping malls, to private homes, indoor playgrounds are everywhere. Today, you might also find these playgrounds in child care centers, fast food restaurants, health and fitness centers, and theme parks. With the growing demand and popularity, parents have discovered the importance of indoor playgrounds for a child’s birthday party. But, in order to create a safe and happy environment for children to play, it is important to choose the right flooring surface for the playground.

Presently, there are several types of playground flooring surfaces available to select from. Of course, concrete is not ideal as it offers no protection when a kid slips or falls. Again, carpet is not a much better option. New products like plastic tiles, rubber, and form playgrounds can make an indoor playground a safe and colorful place to play and enjoy.

Plastic, Rubber & Foam Playground: Which is the Best?
Plastic, Rubber & Foam Playground

Plastic Indoor Playground Surfaces: PVC plastic tiles hold up to exercise or playground equipment as well as provide a cushion. It is waterproof and resistant to several oils and acids. They give you the durability of rubber with the cushion of foam. They can be installed on any indoor surface, including concrete and carpet. These tiles are made from 100% recycled plastic. They are soft and supportive, as well as long-lasting. Also, they come in different colors, including blue, yellow, black, white, green, red, and beige.

Foam Indoor Playground Surfaces: They are waterproof, easy to clean with a damp mop, and easy to install. They are ideal for basements, churches, preschools, and other play zones. They come in different colors, including red, blue, green, gray, and black. Each tile is well-equipped with four border strips for easy island installation.

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Rubber Indoor Playground Surfaces: One of the most common and suitable options for indoor playground surfaces is rubber. For higher fall heights like 8 to 10 feet, you can choose these playground surfaces. They prevent injuries and disability. They are the perfect option for indoor playgrounds, outdoor playgrounds, pathways, and walkways. It is important to know that they are quite expensive, but they are worth the investment. They are perfect for both residential and commercial playground areas. Right from tiles, mats to rolls, different types of rubber flooring surfaces are available to select from. They allow kids to play without worrying about slip and fall accidents.

When it comes to installing indoor playground surfaces, hiring a professional company is highly important. Today, there are a number of companies that offer excellent flooring installation for professional playgrounds and kid’s playgrounds. These companies specialize in creating flooring that enhances the level of game performance. Be it tennis, bocce, pickle ball, basketball court, or artificial turf, rubber surfacing, and outdoor playgrounds for gyms and schools; you can choose any of their services as per your needs and requirements.

Having years of experience, they specialize in handling several tasks, including design, excavation, crack repairs, new surfacing, resurfacing, brand new construction, LED lighting, artificial and synthetic grass surfacing, fencing, and beyond. Get in touch with the right company and meet your needs.

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