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Popular Moving House Rituals to Try

Moving into a new house has a lot of significance. What better place to start a new, refreshing life than in a new environment? With a new home comes new friends, new neighbours, change of lifestyle and so many other possibilities. It seems fitting to take on the new lifestyle you have always desired when you move homes.

There are several reasons why one might want to move houses. It could be as a result of work transfer, changing schools, moving out of your parent’s home and deciding to have a little independence, seeking a fresh start, or simply just for the fun of it. Whatever your reason might be, you want to start up this new experience positively.

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All around the world, there are some moving house rituals believed to open doors of prosperity and peace in a new home. Thousands of people indulge in these rituals, and it just has a good ring to it. After you must have settled down in your new home, whether you did the moving yourself, or you hired a company that offers efficient house removal services, it won’t hurt to try any one of these rituals now, would it? Let’s have a look at some of these rituals;

  • Light a Candle

    The first night in a new home, practitioners of this ritual usually light a candle. This is to signify light and is said to eliminate any darkness in the home. A lot of religions use the candle for most religious ceremonies and occasions. It is said to chase out negative energy and attract positive energy. Suppose you have a fireplace, even better, after all, the bigger, the better. Light up your fireplace, and treat yourself to a glass of red wine and soft background music and allow the positivity envelope you.
  • House warming party

    Yes! We love parties. A house warming party is one of the most common rituals practised by new homeowners. One can easily see how beneficial a good house warming party can be for the host. You probably do not know your neighbours, and would simply walk past them on the streets. A house warming party is not just a chance to show off your elegant home, or your perfect host skills. It is also known to start up a nice relationship and create awareness of your presence in your neighbourhood. Break the ice and join the circle by hosting a nice, welcoming, housewarming party.
  • Leave your old broom behind

    Some cultures consider going into a new home with an old broom as bad luck. If you look at it analytically, brooms are used for cleaning, so they tend to retain some dirt on them. Carrying over your old brooms means introducing some amount of ‘dirt’ from your old home to the new home. Although this is just a myth, you can now see where the idea comes from. You probably needed a change of cleaning supplies anyway. Use this opportunity to purchase new cleaning supplies and a new broom to keep the positive energy flowing.
  • Boiling milk and rice

    Following an old Indian tradition, boiling milk and rice until it overflows signifies an overflow of purity and long life in your new home. This practice is said to bring abundance into your new home. Serving sweetened milk and rice as the first meal to your guests is also a ritual, so you can hop on it if you do not mind.
  • Burning dried sage

    You can also burn dried sage in your new home. This practice originated from North America and is called smudging. Get some dried sage and tie them together tightly. Then burn them and allow the smoke permeate the home. Carry the burning sage in a small bowl and move around the home while pronouncing blessings upon the home. As a ritual, this process is said to ward off negative energy. Also, following a study, about 94% of bacteria are cleaned during this smudging process. You can try this ritual, if not for one, then for the other benefit.

    To get the complete practice, try covering the mirrors in the home and turning off all electrical devices.
  • Sprinkle rice and salt on the floor

    The rice is a gift offered to mother earth, and the salt is a cleanser, eliminating bad energy according to an old Feng Shui ritual. All you need to do is mix an equal part of raw salt and raw rice, walk your way around the home, throwing the mixture at the corners of the wall. Leave it overnight, and then vacuum it out the next day. Note that vacuum is the main word. Do not sweep it off as that tends to cancel the ritual according to the originators of the ritual.
  • Bring bread and salt into the home

    One of the first things you should bring into the home should be bread and salt. These items symbolise wealth and prosperity. With the bread, food will be abundant in your home, and with the salt, good flavour will be abundant. The tradition is from Eastern Europe and still in practice till date. Some estate agents even leave these items (bread and salt) for the new occupants of the home.

Look through the rituals and practice the one that suits you, voluntarily course. By the way, if you need help with your moving, you can contact Man and Van company in London.

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