Practical gift ideas to surprise your bro on the day of Raksha Bandhan

Who said that only brothers can bring gifts for sisters on Raksha Bandhan? And why not sisters can get one for them? There is no hard and fast rule that claims that it is the brother who has to get the gift. It is just a gesture of love and surety of the unspoken words that ‘i will bring you happiness no matter what’. At Least that is what I interpreted over the years. Thus, happiness can be offered visa versa.

We all know that Raksha Bandhan is one of the most auspicious festivals in India. It is a festival that celebrates the sibling bond, especially brother and sister, to make their love eternal. Sisters start the preparations in advance by selecting and picking the most beautiful rakhi for their brother and boys show their participation in the same by searching for a lovely gift for their sister. That is their way of showing appreciation for each other. Now when I say that boys order rakhi online, it doesn’t mean that girls cannot. If you have a brother, you can give him a gift on this rakhi and surprise him. Trust me, as a gift from your side, is the least expected thing, this will definitely amuse him. Is this the first time you will be buying something for him? Well, here is a little aid to ease your task. Following is a list of gifts that you can consider to give.

Grooming kit

Let’s start with the most practical gift that can be presented to a boy. It is a grooming kit. This kit is ought to contain products that are related to grooming and styling at home. This will help your bro to keep a check on his looks time and again. Now, there are lots of kits available in different brands and each kit can contain different products. You have to choose a kit that has products that are most used by your brother. You can also get the kit customized to get all the products of your wish.

Bluetooth earphone

Next on the list are the Bluetooth earphones for his uninterrupted music time. As per the name, these earphones need not be attached to the phone to use them, you can use them while your phone is resting someplace else. Do you know what that means? It means that he no longer has to stick to the corner to listen to the music while his phone is on charging. Select any brand that suits your budget.

Fragrance set

Is your bro into fragrances? Then you have found the ideal product you will be buying this year. Get him a set of perfumes or a single perfume. Checkout his wardrobe and search the brand he mostly uses. If you are not sure the type of scent he is fond of, then instead of buying a bigger pack, look for a set that contains mini versions or tester size products. This is a smart way to pick up something that you are not very sure of. You can totally get a set of perfumes as a rakhi gift for brother.


Next comes a gift that you can buy without any second thoughts. In Fact, you can combine a box of chocolates along with the other gift. You know, just a symbol of extra love for him. Chocolates are a practical gift and with such an idea you can send rakhi gift if he lives someplace else.

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