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Preparation Guide to Crack the SSC Exams

The SSC – Staff Selection Commission conducts various exams like the SSC CPO and SSC Stenographer to recruit candidates for various posts in various government departments. It attracts a lot of candidates as there are ample opportunities for deserving candidates. To prepare for the SSC exam like the SSC CHSL, SSC SPO and the SSC Stenographer it is advised that the candidates start preparing with a concrete study plan and complete dedication to crack the exam. 

Firstly, it is important that before applying for any of the a, the candidates must first check the eligibility criteria to avoid any issues in the application process in the future. Only if all the criteria are met, the candidates can proceed to prepare for the exam. To be completely prepared for the SSC exams, a good study schedule is a must. These are the steps that you can follow to start making a good study plan for yourself –

  • Go through the respective SSC exam pattern and its syllabus
  • Spot all the important and scoring topics
  • Make a list of topics that you feel you need to focus more on
  • Know the previous years cut off to qualify for the exam
  • Study only from the latest SSC exam study material
  • Allot appropriate time to study for every topic

If you focus on these steps and execute them well, you can easily crack any of the SSC exams. To help you follow the above steps more easily, here are some detailed tips – 

Step 1 – Analyze the Syllabus and Exam Pattern in Detail

The very basic and crucial step before you even think of starting your SSC exam preparation is to go through the respective exam’s syllabus and the detailed pattern. Knowing these things about the exam will help you to formulate a good study plan that will help you to cover the entire syllabus. While preparing the study schedule, make sure you include breaks in between to refresh your mind. This will help you to improve your concentration and will help you stay focused.

Step 2 – List All the Important Topics with their Weightage

Once you know the syllabus, you can start to sort the topics from which questions are mostly asked. Once you know these important topics, try to focus more on these topics and prepare them well to score well in the exam. 

Step 3 – Solve SSC Previous Year Papers and Mock Tests

While preparing for any given SSC exam, if you include solving its previous year’s paper, you will just have a really clear picture of the exam that you are planning to appear. You will get to know the types of questions that are asked in the exam its difficulty levels. You also learn the topics from which more questions are asked. Solving questions in the mock tests will give you ample SSC questions to practice. 

As you solve the questions from this previous year’s papers, you improve your solving speed and accuracy. Your time management skills also develop. These mock tests are also a good way of boosting your confidence to solve questions in the exam. 

Step 4 – Improve with the Help of Your Performance in the Mock Tests and Past Papers

After you solve a past paper or a mock test, you can use them to track your progress in your exam preparation. As you analyze your performance in those tests, you learn about your strong and weak areas. Knowing your weak areas will allow you to work on them and improve. When you check your incorrect answers, you get to learn the areas where you make mistakes. You must keep those mistakes in mind and prevent them in the future. When you know where you make mistakes, it becomes easier to avoid them when you solve a similar question in the future. 

Make sure you always analyze your performance in these mock tests as these can help you drastically improve in the actual exam. 

SSC Exam Preparation Tips for Last Minute

A candidate that is serious about cracking the exam will have put in months of dedication to prepare for the SSC exam. Here are some last-minute tips that you can follow to make sure you are confident enough to appear for the exam-


Revise all the shortcuts, tricks, important points, formulas, and techniques for the sections that you have learned. You will be able to recall the studied information better and for longer. 

Practice Mock Test

Solving some mock tests, a night before the exam will help you get confident enough to crack the exam. 

Avoid Studying New Topics

If you start preparing for a new topic some time before the actual exam, it can hamper the earlier studied topics. It is advised that the candidates revise the studied syllabus.

Keep a Good Sleep Schedule

Take proper care of your body as a healthy body will help you to perform better in the exam, 

We hope that you found this guide to prepare for various SSC exams helpful. Have a strong will power and stay dedicated to cracking the SSC exam and you will surely ace the exam. In case of any doubts related to the exam, you can let us know below in the comment box.


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