A Preventive Method for Converting Outlook Mail to PDF Format

You may occasionally need to know how to convert an Outlook email to a PDF file. And there can be a variety of causes for it.

You can read the emails without needing to use Microsoft Outlook or any other specific software on any platform or computer because PDF is the most portable document format. In this blog post, we will demonstrate how to convert all Outlook emails to PDF. There are two ways to go about doing that: either utilize some free methods or try an expert service like WholeClear PST to PDF Converter.

One of the most crucial components of every computer file is its movability. It enables a file to be accessible from several systems or platforms. If the files are moveable or portable, you can shrewdly use an external disk to transfer them between platforms. However, email files do not have access to this option. The single email messages must be exported into a more portable file format to be transferred to another system. It stores data, including emails, in an Outlook data file, commonly called a PST (personal storage table).

Why is Moving Outlook PST to PDF Necessary?

You need to have installed a PST file viewer or the Microsoft Outlook email client on your computer in order to read or open the email messages. However, you must export the PST folder’s email messages to PDF file format if you don’t have any of them. Email messages can be precisely exported from PST files to PDF files, which can be viewed on any platform or device. The conversion of Outlook emails to PDFs can occur for a variety of reasons. Common reasons include exchanging or distributing information, keeping records safe, gathering proof for legal proceedings, and archiving drives.

There is a PDF format choice accessible in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, among other Microsoft Office suite components. But none of the Microsoft Outlook email application’s editions have such a built-in feature.

How Can PST Files Be Converted Into PDFs?

You can still attempt these easy methods below, even if the Microsoft Outlook client does not include an option to convert Outlook emails to PDF.

Utilize Acrobat Pro from Adobe

  • The most adaptable approach—albeit the priciest app—is through the Adobe Acrobat program. With the Outlook add-in included in the Adobe Acrobat program, you can save one or more email files as a new PDF file.

Other Possibilities for Configuring Capability Include:

  • Whether you want to install security, encryption, and password settings, and whether you want to transfer the attachments within the PDF files
  • Additionally, there is a choice to automatically convert fresh email files to PDF files. You must select an interval and utilize the “Setup Automatic Archive” option.

Note: After logging in, the Adobe Acrobat Pro tool is fantastic. However, you can utilize the following method if you lack setup or cannot afford it:

Employ a PDF printer.

Using a PDF printer, you can convert Outlook email files from PST to PDF format. You can select this efficient printer from your list of printers. Instead of printing on paper, it produces a PDF file.

For Users of Windows 10,

  • If you’re using Windows 10, you must be acquainted with the “Microsoft Print to PDF” printer. This printer allows you to print emails and gives you the option to save the output as a PDF file.

Expert Method: Windows PST to PDF Conversion

The aforementioned approach could take longer than necessary if you need to save a large number of bulk emails from the Outlook email client into PDFs. The reason for this is that you are handling everything by hand. Furthermore, it is not possible to simultaneously convert a large number of Outlook emails to PDF files. You want to use a professional strategy in this situation, like WholeClear Outlook to PDF Converter. With just one conversion process and no problems, it can move a large number of emails from Outlook to PDF. All user types, technical and non-technical, can effortlessly export Outlook emails into Adobe PDF format with this program.

If you’re wondering how to convert every email from Outlook to PDF format, the PST to PDF Converter is a useful tool. All kinds of information, including emails, their formatting, layout, metadata, and attachments, can be accurately extracted from the Outlook PST folder using the program. Furthermore, it is a Windows-based application that works with both 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Free Assessment,

You have to download the software’s demo version to test it out for free before you buy it. You can save few things from Outlook to PDF, including attachments, for free when you use the Free PST Converter version. After that, you can purchase its license key to save a large number of Outlook emails along with attachments as PDF files.

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