You cannot overlook the importance of having a brand logo for today’s date. It is essential to have something which makes you look unique amongst all the common looking brands. That’s how you stand out on top of the rest to make a strong mark.

We all love superheroes right? Have you ever seen a Captain America embroidery design in the market and instantly noticed that? Yes! That’s what good branding does, where you can easily recognize something which is there amongst all the other merchandise and logos. Although this art of bringing the perfect logo is not easy at all and today with this segment we will be covering the same.

We give you the insight you need to start the process of bringing out the head-turning logos and how you can put them on your uniform which will uplift the mood and professionalism amongst your staff member. It is also required to put a great deal in the first impression, whether you talk about other companies or on your potential clients.

If you are looking to work on logos specifically for your company uniform which your staff will be wearing on an occasional period or daily basis, then you might be looking for something which has a quick grasp to it.

You have to be right with step one only and this is not a random fact since most of the companies rely on this free marketing tactic only. Here they ensure that their logo is visible clearly on the uniform, bag, cap, or other merchandise, and every time someone looks at it, they are remembering it subconsciously.

So let’s sit back, relax and take some time out of your daily lifestyle to know the basics which should be followed to create a logo from a beautifully embroidered design such as Chicago bears embroidery design which will go on your business uniform:

  • Choosing the right size for the logo is entirely dependent upon the type of uniform or other things you will be putting onto it. However, you have to be precise with the number while choosing the size. If you are planning to put the logo on a shirt or jacket which is part of the uniform then you can go with 3 to 4 inches wide, which will be suitable for putting it on to the left side. There are different shapes also available with the logos and if you see that your logo is square, leave 1.5-2 inches on the side of it whereas, for the circular ones, you have to go with the diameter of 2-2.5 inches. If your logo is going to be fullback, you have the liberty to go for 11 by 11 inches but the chances are you might go for a bigger number as well.
  • After the size, it’s time to the color theme right in your logo. Just like the popular choice, if you are going to work around a single color pattern in the complete logo, no doubt that the embroidered logo will move forward with a limited approach. However, this is what comes in the demand of the market, where it is preferred to have less number of colors in the logo so that you can maintain the simplicity of the logo and keep it eye-catching.
  • You can also blend in different colors together as per the designs of the logo. This also remains pretty trending in the market but it requires skillful hands since changeover in colors looks beautiful but equally tough to carry out. And you have to understand that the better it looks on paper, the more difficult it gets to put the design on fabric, say for a chest side or putting it on a cap. Unlike computer system designing, with embroidery the same amount of efficiency by using needle and thread and you should understand that there will be a major difference when you look at the designs from ink and then thread.
  • Considering the text and the font in which it is written has to be selected carefully. The text chosen should be short, crisp, and able to deliver the message exceptionally well whereas the font selection will allow to read it from various distance levels easily. Make sure you are staying away from any such texts which can be provoking and fonts that are that unique that even you have trouble reading them.
  • The final step would be getting your hands on the perfect fabric. Why fabric? Because this is what your staff will be wearing and you cannot compromise on this since it reflects your professionalism. Another thing here to keep in mind that all needles and thread have their limitations and you cannot go on to choose something so delicate or so tough on which the design carving would be next to impossible.

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