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Professional Technique to Repairing Solar Panel Roofs

Solar systems are meant to last for about 25 to 30 years. During this period, your solar panel can help you save enough on light bills. This long duration has got some homeowners thinking about the impact of the panel on their roofs. Some are wondering how roof repairs can be done if necessary. Will they have to remove the solar panel before repair or replacement? Read this article to see how to manage a situation like this in case of roof repair.

Should You Consider Roof Repair Before Installing a Solar Panel?

When taking steps to install a solar panel on your roof, invite a roof evaluation expert to check if your roof can withstand the installation. This is recommended, especially when the roof is almost at the peak of its lifespan. The roof should be confirmed to last for over 15 to 20 years before you can go ahead with the solar installation. If this is not considered, the cost of repair may get too expensive. So, get the roof assessed.

Although many solar firms do not provide roofing services, only a few of them are exceptional. Whatever the case may be, roof repair contractors can do their job before or alongside the solar installation company. Roofers that know more about solar panel installation are recommended when the need for repair arises.

What Will It Cost To Remove Your Solar Panel In Case Of Roof Repair?

If you encounter the need for a roof repair along the line, note that there will be labor costs tied with removing the solar panels installed on your roof and fixing them back.

Though, an estimate of the amount to spend varies depending on the contractor you are hiring. A roofer that knows about solar panels systems might be better to hire. However, a solar panel expert is recommended. The downside is the price may be higher than that of a roofer, but it is cost-effective. You will be charged based on your panel size and the height of where it is fixed. You may choose to hire the company that originally installed the solar panel. They will know how to offer you good maintenance services. On the other hand, if you lost contact with the original installer, you have to visit other companies around you.

If roof repair after installation of a solar panel is giving your concern, you may ask the company you are planning to hire to know if they have done this before. Also, you can discuss with your solar panel installer about repair ahead before you encounter it.


There is every probability that your solar panel installer causes the roof issues that need repair now. You have to ensure that the roofing company you are hiring has insurance covering clients’ roofs. Carefully go through the company’s terms and conditions to see if your warranty is void if a solar panel installation is done on the roof. If you intend to install a solar panel after roofing, make it known to your roofer, so he can pattern your roof to carry it.

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