Quick & Best Adsense Plugin for WordPress

If you want to get a higher CTR than Google AdSense, then one powerful way is the placement of the ad layout, and placement of ads that can be done to perfection is on a WordPress blog Flingster.

While the blogger platform, the placement of ads just like that’s it. Ads less and less caught trapping the user, so that often under normal CTR aka very low. Unless you are very clever to observe user behavior and present the appearance of the best ads for them, then it can help you.

This time I will share information about one of the best plugins to implement AdSense ads on WordPress. The plugin called Quick Adsense, and friends would have a lot of WordPress users are using it.

1. Log in to the plugin in your wp-admin, go to Plugins then do a search there with keyword plugin Quick Adsense.

2. After the meet, directly in your WordPress install.


How Do I Use It?

I need not explain here because it’s too much to explain. While you alone can do even though I will not explain because there already are the instructions for use are very easy to understand.

What Are The Advantages Of This Plugin Quick Adsense?

Well, this is what I need to explain a little. This plugin makes it easy to display Adsense ads on any part that we want and ban the Adsense ads appear in certain parts we do not want.

As An Example:

  • You can show ads in a post on the top left or right side.
  • We could put ads in the middle of the posts on the left, center or right
  • We can show ads at the end of the post on the left, center or right
  • You can show ads in the first paragraph or paragraphs to whatever side of the left, center, or right.
  • We can display image ads under posts, pictures, or images into one to whatever will.
  • We can put an ad in the sidebar.
  • We can ban Adsense ads appear on a static page, home page, or the page post.
  • We can ban ads appear admin/author/member being signed in.

And there are still some new features added at any time by the maker of the plugin.

What Are The Advantages You Use This Plugin Quick Adsense?

Of course money. You will earn money from AdSense more than usual. Because of this plugin, we can command to display ads in the most strategic places in our blog perfectly. This is what will make the CTR / click on your Adsense ads increased.

I myself have proved it. I do not have to put a lot of advertising on the blog, but just one ad alone and I place the trap in place but do not violate the program policies. Ads appear really challenging and invite users to compete for fist.

As a result, every 1-2 hours there are visitors who hit the ad, even though my blog.

What If Your Blog Is Aged 3-6 Months Or A Year?

Of course, you will get rich quickly if your ads are often clicked legally by visitors. CTR and it’s not half-hearted, $ 3 per click …


Please try to learn on google about how to research keywords until you actually get to and understanding of the purpose of keyword research. Then make a niche blog. The article does not need to be too long 300 characters is enough, which is an important number of your posts a lot. Look for sources of free articles on the internet and then change it to English with google translate.

Today you are throwing money away 1 million to buy a domain and hosting, and then the next 3 months will return 10 million. But the condition is severe, you should have a strong physical and literacy at home as required updates for speeding in a construction blog Days Gone PC download. Since there is no technique to make money in a relaxed manner unless you are able to pay the later successful online writers.


Update speeding article is only safe if done in WordPress! If you try di blogger the risk of your blog will automatically lock and removed 20 days later. And I’ve experienced it.

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