Best Ways to Remove Security From PDF File

Remove Security From PDF File - Top Methods

Summary:- This article helps users remove security restrictions from PDF files with useful methods. We have shared steps affiliated with each method and shared authoritative methods that can be useful and needful for every PDF user.

Stop right there if you want to remove security from a PDF file within just a couple of minutes. PDF files are the most sought documents in this tech world for communicating. PDF is free to use to everybody which makes it simpler for every individual to use for the resources.

Top Methods to Remove Security From PDF File

These methods are simple to follow and authoritative to easily remove security from PDF files without password, choose any of the mentioned methods and everything will be accordingly to unrestricted your PDF:-

Microsoft Word

Here we will use Word to convert PDF to Word, Follow these simple steps

1. Open the file to convert File>Open
2. World will start to convert your PDF into a Word file automatically.
3. Now, you will see restricted editing and the disabled feature will be open to editing and change within only a few steps.

Use Online Tools

Use online tools to easily remove security from PDF files without passwords this method is free to use for anyone but has some drawbacks with the security if you are not using any confidential you could go with it:-

You can make changes like:-

  • Edit, or write text is available
  • Easily Signature can be added or removed.
  • Option to convert black and white PDF.
  • Page order and print option and many more features for editing.
  • Once you have all the changes just click on finish.

Remove Passwords By Google Chrome Browser

You won’t believe it at first but this is true you can easily change PDF in Chrome browser:-

  1. Drag your file into the browser or open it in browser.
  2. After that, right-click on PDF and click print.
  3. Now select the printer option, click on Microsoft Print to PDF” and click on Print.
  4. Finally, the PDF will download with no password.

Remove Security From PDF File With Unlocker Tool

Use this SysTools Best PDF unlocker tool to remove any kind of restriction with no effort and this tool is also beneficial for selecting multiple files at once because in the manual method, you have to do one file at a time.

  • Option to remove restrictions Printing / Copying / Editing / Page Extraction/Commenting/ Signature.
  • Owner-level Password Security can be removed.
  • A batch process is available to select multiple files.
  • 128 (AES & RC4) / 256-bit AES encryption can be removed.
  • Provide support to Maintain folder hierarchy.
  • Supports Windows versions (32 & 64 bit) OS.

Step 1. Open the application then click on the Add Files or Add Folder button to proceed.

Step 2. Select options between Save or Print as per your requirements.

Step 3. Choose the location of the file and click on the “Unlock” button.

Step 4. Successfully remove restrictions in PDF file issue accurately.

More About Remove Security From PDF File

There are two types of security embedded with PDFs that could be used to protect PDFs to restrict and secure them, check before .

Document password – this password is to protect PDF from opening if you don’t have this password you can’t open it any method because this is the user’s password and without the user’s password nobody can open it.

Permission password – This password is used to restrict permissions of the PDF like – commenting, highlighting, or editing the PDF without the user’s permission except you can open it and read it this password is also used in restricting copying from PDF and also known master password of the PDF.

You can check which types of securities are added in the PDF document because it happens sometimes that you only need to copy and the PDF is locked with the commenting but you are thinking that your PDF might have all its features;

Use Adobe Reader to see the settings of the PDF and find may necessary permissions are allowed for you and Adobe Reader is free to use for simple editing and reading files.

Follow some steps to check:-

1. Select the File tab in Adobe Reader.
2. Select Properties in the drop-down menu of the file.
3. Then click on the Security tab in the Properties dialog box and find which types
of securities are implied.

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We have concluded the best usable method to Remove Security Restrictions From PDF File, you just need to follow the mentioned methods, and Easily remove security from PDF file with the help of this article. PDFs are a useful resource for communicating and sharing resources.


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