Reunion Island: The Colorful Mystery Of Life

East of Madagascar’s large treasured island ticked comfortably and very close to the relatively small and relaxed island of Mauritius; Reunion Island is the real ultimate experience, nurtured by a group of historical cultures from Europe, Africa, and Asia. The island nation breathes colors; Blue Blue, Lava Red, Artichoke Green, and Beach Brown! Book your flight tickets quickly and enjoy Reunion Island through United Airlines Reservations.

The island of Reunion belongs to the French, although it is geographically thousands of miles from France. No wonder the locals communicate with each other in sweet French accents, while the traveler passes them by with a strange-to-my-friends smile. The island nation displays the colors of activities not only among its inhabitants but also among visitors. A person can color his mind with different colors, and yet the palette of the island will never be filled. Red stands for the dangerous volcano hiking that the Piton de la Fournaise offers to its visitors; The blue depicts the files under the earth dive at Pierrefonds Airport where a person can take Artichoke Green to the hearth-outpost hiking trails in Cirques.

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The palette of colors may expand, however, so stick to your top five favorites.

1) The air is lava red

A long time ago, the Piton de la Fournais shouted red on a heavy bloody note. Today, it is the top tourist destination on Reunion Island where travelers come from all over the world to visit; Hike on one of the most active volcanoes on the face of the Earth!

The sky is painted red by the erratic eruption of this volcano, and provides a dangerous trail for travelers to travel on foot or on horseback or by bike! The volcano leaves a warm impression on travelers’ minds and is an absolute must for every traveler traveling to Reunion Island. You can either walk inside the Ancolus Focus, which is the heart of the mountain, or take the forest paths that touch the volcanoes, Mont Langwin, Piton de layout, and Oreto Saint-Therese.

2) take deep blue dive

There are mysteries beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean, which she has portrayed herself with a deep hue of dark blue. Once in Reunion Island, one has the opportunity to explore the mystery and enter the world of whales and dolphins, corals, and fishes and sail with them! These encounters will leave you spellbound, and you just want to ask for more. Travel to the Marine Nature Reserve for the salty taste of blue waters and giant whales in safe, secure, and protected silt.

All directions on Reunion Island have taken a secret vow to surprise you, And you have a mind, they do it well. Head North and you can engage in leisure or sports activities with family, or in the South; You can have a picnic with them. Think east, and you can enchant your eyes with the beautiful setting of the extinct lava flow that extended to the sea. To the west, we have a marine nature reserve where travelers call whales, dolphins, and aquatic materials. Whale watching, from snorkeling to scuba diving, to relax by the sea; You can’t get enough of the sea here. Surrender yourself; You are in Reunion Island.

3) Brown Beach and the mighty mountain!

Nature is at its best in the entire Reunion Island. It has glued its beaches with sand gray, while the mighty mountains are painted dark green! The colors soothe the minds of travelers, and the island invites them in its arms for all kinds of dances – hiking, cycling, canyoning, sightseeing, and the list goes on.

The major pieces of the island are actually covered with large craters. These craters are essentially large enough to fit comfortably inside the entire village, and it is definitely worth a visit for traveling souls. The perfect example of this would be Cirque de Cilaos caldera and its sweet setting! The beaches let you relax in a lazy mood; Whilst for active spirits; You can choose from sailing to jet-skiing, through kayaking to ski diving to see, deep-sea offshore beaches for a boat ride!

4) Blue in blue!

So high above the world, like a diamond in the sky, the flying passenger either glides by hand or is paragliding or by helicopter! The only thing adrenaline-pumping activities that Reunion Island offers is an extremely colorful world under wandering feet; Orange savanna, lush green forest, cyan blue reef, and artichoke green meadows and blue skies.

The heart of Reunion Island is the big blue. Talk about chopper’s on rides; The state of Hawaii allows you to see reunion islands with an eagle sight and allows you to explore parts of reunion islands that are beautifully multicolored and inaccessible, otherwise. For a 15-minute ride, this pleasure starts at less than 95 euros. The ever-popular canyoning down the Riviera de Roshe near St. Benoit will repeatedly crave you for another climb down the hills! The excitement of the blue sky can also be felt through a micro-light tour at Le Port or via sky diving at Pierrefonds Airport.

5) Artichoke as Green as Green.

Grass Reunion is the greenest on the island, we don’t know you. The natural landscape of the island has not only won over the hearts of residents and non-residents; But it also belongs to UNESCO’S, which has classified about 42% of the island as World Heritage Sites.

A prime location that makes people sitting behind laptops and turns green with envy would be Cirques. Cirques are magical; They are mounds of 3 cirques, that is, Mafate, Salazie, and Cilaos, formed about 3,000 years ago due to erosion. These earrings scatter greenery in your ears; And talk about white waterfalls, wild forests, and natural hot springs. With so much greenery all around, a reunion is on the island.

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