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Important Information Related to the SBI Clerk and IBPS Clerk Exam and Tips to Crack It!

The IBPS clerk and SBI clerk exam for the recruitment of candidates in various banks under the public sector. It is conducted for the post of a bank clerk. Any candidate that plans to appear for this Clerk exam must be completely aware of the eligibility criteria so that there is no difficulty in the selection process. 

In this article, we will look at the SBI Clerk eligibility criteria that a candidate must meet to be able to appear for the exam. We will also be discussing some tips to ace it. A candidate must fulfill all the criteria as failing to do so might get your application rejected. 

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Eligibility criteria for the Clerk exam

There are various eligibility criteria for the IBPS exam like the age limit, educational qualification, nationality. These are the three major criteria that a candidate must check and fulfill before applying for the SBI and IBPS clerk exam. 

Age Limit: The candidate applying for the exam has to be between 20 years to 28 years.

Educational Qualification: Applying candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and some basic computer literacy.

Nationality: The candidate’s nationality must be Indian.

Now that you know the eligibility criteria for the clerk exam, and verified that you meet all the above criteria, you can start with the exam preparation. Let us now look at some of the useful tips that one can follow to crack the IBPS and SBI clerk exams.

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Guidelines to crack the IBPS clerk exam

Candidates can crack this exam easily with good exam preparation and strong dedication. To be thoroughly prepared for the IBPS and SBI clerk exam, you will require a strong study plan. To prepare a study plan you will need to know the complete syllabus of the exam and a study schedule will help you track your preparation progress. The following are some tips that one can follow to prepare for the Clerk exam.

Know all the details about the IBPS clerk exam

Before starting the exam preparation, it is advised that the candidates learn about the exam pattern, syllabus, and question trend. This will help you form an idea of the difficulty level of the exam. Once you are done with this you will get to know the efforts you will have to put in to successfully cover the entire syllabus. Knowing the syllabus well can help you to sort the different topics that are scoring and important. You can start preparing the difficult topics first so that you have more time preparing for them. 

Prepare an SBI and IBPS Clerk exam study plan

A study schedule is a must while preparing for any given exam. A study plan will help you stay on track and keep know your progress as you cover more topics. This will help you to know your pace of learning too. A preparation strategy will keep you organized and study the complete syllabus efficiently. Stick to the study plan religiously and you will see great progress. 

Make use of previous year papers 

Previous year papers are essentially actual papers that were set by the exam officials once. These papers will contain all the types of questions that you will need to practice on. You will get to know the difficulty level of the exam and even the marking scheme. With these papers, you can determine the topics from which the majority of questions are asked. Solving the previous papers will give you lots of practice over questions and help you know your weaker topics.

Follow correct IBPS clerk books

You must study from the latest books that are available for the IBPS Clerk exam and are according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern. Sometimes there are some topics scraped off from the syllabus and old editions of books might still have them. It is better to follow the latest published edition of the book available. 

Make notes while studying

Making notes during your study sessions can immensely help you during your revision period. These notes can also be used after you are done with your study session and recall all that you have studied. Try to keep these notes crisp and clear with only the important keywords.

Practice mock test and take quizzes

Practicing questions from multiple mock tests will improve your solving speed. You will also improve your time management skills. You will also get topic-wise questions to practice. Include solving mock test in you study schedule and you will do wonders in the exam. 

Hope you found this article with SBI Clerk and IBPS Clerk Exam tips helpful. All these tips will help you prepare better every day to crack the Clerk exam. Practicing questions is also a must. You must be confident and give in your complete efforts to prepare for this exam, and you will easily ace it. 

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