How Flourishing is the Security Business in a Crime Dominated World?

If I used words like atrocious, heinous, and savage to describe the present world we live in, would you object to it?

We live in a world where 4-month-old babies are raped;
We live in a world where terrorists can blast a building, and hundreds of civilians could die in minutes;
We live in a world where people are killed every day because of their ethnicity, sexuality, and even attire;

You tell me, is this not the definition of atrocious?

Yes, it is. The savagery that we witness on the internet, newspapers and TV is scary. But if we live in fear, would that be considered as living at all?

I am not sure.

To avoid that kind of life, a life that continually fears to live freely, many companies have come forward and made headways in security. These are companies that have made billions in revenue because what they are doing is genuinely marvelous.

The security businesses were established to make life more secure for the people who take on their services. The heinous level of our world made this business such a huge success that it has diversified beyond recognition.

When I say the security industry is flourishing, I genuinely mean it.

The biggest names in the security industry are G4S, Securitas, and Allied Universal. Together these three earned revenue of over 11 billion US dollars.

G4S is considered as the largest in this domain and rightfully so. It operates in over 90 countries, with 570,000 employees. Even the London Stock Exchange considers it to be one of its biggest listed companies.

If this isn’t the definition of flourishing, I am not sure what will be. There are people amongst us who have taken a business loan online to step into the realms of the security industry, and their steps have paid them very well.

The security domain is mainly classified into three sections, all three of which are more successful than the other.

Let us look at these three and see if all the hype around this business is justified.

The Security Applications

Let us start with the security applications that we have installed on our phones for use in emergencies. My mother had made download two of them just in case.

Be it Circle of 6 or Shake2Safety. Every application has had hundreds and thousands of downloads. With the addition of in-app purchases, these app developers have capitalized technology in the security domain and made a financial empire.

And why not?

It is not safe, especially for women, especially at night, and especially in Brussels. Knowing this, anybody would want to have a security blanket over them, and these apps provide just that.

The Security Locks

The Security Locks
The Security Locks

Trespassing, break-in, burglaries, and burglaries are turning into murders; all of these are crimes that all of us know have become a part of our lives.

When something like this happens in our neighborhood, we realize how difficult the situation can be for family and us.

This is even more disturbing for working parents who have to leave their child or children home alone because they have to earn a living.

Understanding the same concern, the number of businesses that are providing smart and unbreakable locking systems that no burglar can even think about getting through without the code or the key.

The Security Personnel

Apart from the app and the locks, the security companies that provide actual people to safeguard your family, home, and businesses have also increased.

The security officers you see guarding your building at all hours;
The security officers you see at the hospitals and the banks looking out for people inside;
The security officers you see at all retail stores checking everyone that goes in and comes out;
The security officers you see protecting the lives of celebrities, be it business moguls or celebrities;

All of these officers work for security companies that aim at only one thing, to make sure their clients are safe and secure at all times.

Since people need them a lot more today than they did in the past, these businesses that provide security detail to their clients are making more money than average businesses.

The people you see protecting the Kardashians every time the paparazzi hounds them, do you think they would be earning minimum wage?

These people are equipped with technologies needed to protect their clients, be it a gun or an electric taser or stun gun, or even the smartphones to always be connected with their clients and knowing their locations at all times.

Winding Up

The primary reason security businesses are flourishing as much as they are because of technology.

Without technology, no apps would ever have been created;
Without technology, no locks could have kept the criminals away;
Without technology, none of the security personnel could do their job properly;

Technology is indeed the driving force of the security domain. And if you wish to immerse yourself in business that encompasses technology and one of the fundamental needs of humans, you should do it. Even if it means taking a loan from Credit Pont to make it happen, you definitely should.

richard charlie

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