Sign & Graphics Guide for Business Reopening

COVID-19 has transformed how industries function on a macro as well as micro-level. Businesses from across the globe have faced the heat, causing them to temporarily halt operations. However, as cities are allowing businesses to reopen & begin operations, compliance & precautionary measures as per government guidelines & basic safety procedures need to be implemented at all times. All businesses that are keen to restart operations post COVID-19 have to ensure various precautions to ensure the safety of their staff, customers & the overall business. One key aspect of the precautions to be undertaken requires implementing appropriate indoor & outdoor signages & graphics at the operational venue. Identifying the ideal graphics & signboard supplier in Dubaithat provides the right combination that best suits your business requirements can be a tedious task.

What do you need to look for when looking at the ideal combination of signages & graphics for your business? Your ideal signage & graphics combination for both indoor & outdoor spaces of your business must ensure that it communicates the safety measures undertaken by your firm post reopening as well as what your firm expects from the customers while they are at your location. Most customers are looking for a sense of security & assurance before they decide to visit any business location & Al Rizq Advertising as one of the best signage companies in Dubai, ensures that & much more. Strategically placed signages & graphics, boost customer confidence at your business & further enhance their experience.

Al Rizq Advertising, Dubai has a wide range of signages & graphics to choose from for various business needs & our guide to identifying the most appropriate ones for your business will help you provide your customers with a unique & safe experience.


It is of utmost importance to your business to convey to its customers that the business is now open with all the safety precautions in place. To achieve this, vital information needs to be conveyed via the key display points outside the business location. The message on the signage must be bold, clear & assure customers of ultimate safety measures being implemented by the business. Doors & windows are the most eye-catching locations for conveying any message. Ideal optimization of these locations can be carried out with the help of branded stickering & hangings containing welcome messages, in-store precautions or offers & alerts for customers. As one of the key graphics & signage suppliers in Dubai, Al Rizq Advertising has custom options for the requirements of every business.


Social Distancing Floor Stickers:One of the vital aspects of COVID-19 precautions is to undertake appropriate social distancing measures to avoid the spread of germs as mandated by the government. On entering the premise, customers must be reminded of the necessary precautions to be taken in public spaces. Bright & attractive floor stickers that remind customers of the distance required to be maintained at all times will ensure that safety measures are followed, leading to an enhanced overall customer experience during the pandemic.

Social Distancing Eye-Level Signage: Eye-catching signage at the key entry points of the premise containing a bold letter style that constantly reminds customers & staff to keep masks on at all times, maintain 6 feet distance from other individuals & sanitize their hands at regular intervals. Al Rizq Advertising with its wide range of signage options offers you different designs & board material to best suit your needs, making it the preferred signage manufacturer in Dubai.

Payment QR Code Signage & Stickers:Ensuring that adequate touchless payment options are provided to customers promotes minimal contact measures being taken at the premise. The QR Code signages & stickers can be placed at exit points along with friendly statements that encourage & nudge customers to opt for purely digital payments that result in minimal contact with staff members. As one of the key signage companies in Dubai, Al Rizq Advertising also offers tailor made graphics & signages for blind people in Dubai.

Sneeze Guards: Locations where interaction between the staff & customers is a high need to be identified in order to ensure safe communication & minimal transfer of germs. To achieve this custom-made sneeze guards can be installed such that every interaction between the staff & the client is carried out in a safe & precautionary manner. Sneeze guards are also ideal for offices with closely located workstations that usually lead to increased interaction between employees. The sneeze guard is compact & can be mounted on a workstation with minimal space being occupied. Al Rizq Advertising offers a wide range of sign boards in Dubai for offices reopening during the pandemic.

Safety Signs:Washing hands on a frequent basis & wearing face shields considerably reduces the spread of the virus. Providing friendly reminders to both the employees & customers at various locations across the premise can ensure that precautionary measures are constantly followed. This also provides peace of mind to customers while at the premise, thereby ensuring the smooth running of operations during the pandemic. Visit the link below to identify the right safety sign for your business:

Al Rizq Advertising is one of the few companies that offer braille signs manufacturing in Dubai along with other products such as outdoor signages, vehicle branding, vehicle advertising, office signs & much more across Dubai.Visit Al RizqAdvertising online store for more information on the above signages & graphics.

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